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Business Copywriting versus Articles & Blog Posts

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So, I’ll be branching off to Business Copywriting in September with new gigs. So I was wondering about the difference between that category and Articles & Blog Posts.

My observations are that…

!. There is less competition in BC - there are a few very successful writers who get most of the work.
2. There is a possibility of making more money for less work.
3. There is a much greater variety - you can be a copywriter, SEO article writer, write press releases, About Me Pages, and so on.
4. Shorter delivery times expected.

This is a big change for me, I realize this requires a whole new mindset. So I will be reading a few books on copywriting, do some dry runs, so that when I make the change, I will be 100% ready. This is going to be fun - maybe just what I need right now, a change.

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Business copywriting is more about crafting shorter, punchier messages to sell products and services, whereas blog and article writing is content marketing designed to attract search engine traffic. If you’re creating an ad or a landing page, you want a copywriter. If you’re creating a blog or tutorial, you want an article writer. They are subtly different skills - copywriters need to be good at the art of non-verbal persuasion and influencing emotions, whereas article writers need to understand readers and break down topics.

It’s not as easy as you think to move between the two…

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