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Potential for a Buyer to get my order and then cancel


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Hi guys.

I do consultancy videos on fiverr. The value of the video is gained from watching and listening to me talk and work onscreen. A watermark does not matter.for the buyer as they are not re-purposing the video, merely learning from it.

How can i deliver the video securely and guarantee payment? The buyer can simply watch the video and then cancel and start a dispute.

Can anyone let me know or has anyone had this?


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You can’t - as anybody else offering any form of consultancy gig on Fiverr will be able to tell you.

No gig on Fiverr can guarantee payment either - there’s always the possibility (however remote) that the buyer will cancel and want a refund.

So long as you deliver what your gig says you will, then there’s no reason for a client to be able to cancel and ask for a refund. There’ll always be the odd one, of course, but that’s just human nature!

Good luck! 🙂

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