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Completed business-Byer seeking money back

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Completed business-Byer seeking couples back
I should have changed key and record midi to the customer. When I sent, she said she can not open the midi because it works in the MAC. I recommended several programs. I later converted to MP3 and WMA and managed to hear. I read exactly what it says in the score, but she claimed that the missing repetition and to have a break. Pause wrote in the score. I erased a break and made a repetition and added a couple of chords that there is no break. Now I’ve already agreed to do as she tells me, and not as written in the score. Again I sent her proper version but is said to back the previous version and asked for a PDF that has not been agreed. In the evening she answered and asked for their money back. So, after all received. It is opened the dispute. What would you do?

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