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What language would you use to build this website in?


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I am starting the fact-finding process for a client of mine. They are a motor fuels company based in the united states. They want to build a dynamic website that can do the following:

  • have suppliers submit quotes on motor fuels. This is usually rated in gallons. Since this is a commodity transaction it would need to be able to produce a contract populated from the particulars of the seller’s quote.
    Gallons, price delivered, price picked up, price good until date.

Similarly, we want to have a sales side. This would link with a Microsoft dynamics system to show realtime inventory and be able to account for inventory sales. This way a customer can see we have motor fuel x available in x quantity and available at a pickup price or a deliver price based on an address they put in. Similarly be able to create a contract that is binding if the buyer accepts terms.

What programming languages would one use for this? I apologize if this is in the wrong section but hoping to find some developers on this site to eventually handle this request.

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