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My Fiverr story update... and now officially a Level 1 seller!


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Hello everyone, Nick aka nytechboy here and I just wanted to update everyone on my progress. I am now at 20% of my goal for raising enough money through fiverr to purchase a wedding ring for my girlfriend Caitlin. She doesn’t know any of this, only that I have been doing all this extra work at night and sometimes don’t have time to spend with her. It is going to be worth it in the end 🙂

I also want you all to know that I’m now a level 1 seller and my gigs have more options than before. If you’re in need of a logo or article or would like me to fix a bug or make a change on your website check out my gigs. I work fast and as you can see from my feedback I do good work.

All the proceeds that come from these gigs will go towards buying the ring, and I hope to propose to her before January.

Also, I can do much more than just what are on my gigs. I have a gig request gig here, http://fiverr.com/nytechboy/complete-your-gig-request-as-discussed-in-conversation , and basically if you message me with what you need and I can do it, you can order the job straight from there.

Thanks for reading, special thanks to fiverr, and I look forward to chatting and working with you all.


Sherriff’s Note: Please do not post the same thing twice. Thank you.

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