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How to prepare for your first podcast


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How to plan your podcast:

Hello Fiverr Family,

I trust you are enjoying this beautiful Friday.

I just wanted to stop by and leave a few tips for someone who is new at Podcasting.

Length of show:
If you are a beginner in podcasting, I would aim for a show no longer than 30 minutes.
You want to keep your show moving.
Example: I would limit each topic coverage to about 5 – 7 minutes and other segments to about 30 seconds.

Try to use sweepers, drops, music beds or commercials to separate your topic segments or transitions from one segment to the next. This will help to keep your show live.
These breaks are usually described as sweepers or bumpers and they help your listeners to digest the content that you have just presented.

How to write your podcast content:
There are basically to styles when it comes to writing content your podcast. You have what is called Freestyle and then you have Traditional.

This is the type of podcast that you might hear in a news cast or a documentary. The script is pre written and even sometimes rehearsed before the show. These type of podcast usually follow a structure and is followed by the host and the guest.
Here is an example of a traditional show outline:

Show outline:

  • Nice podcast intro -********** 15 – 30 seconds (play it before every show so listeners can identify the intro with your show)
  • Introduce your show with background music (who are you, what is going to be your topic(s) and invite listeners to participate) 30 seconds – 45 seconds
  • Topic segment 1: 5 – 7 minutes
  • Interlude (music clip or commercial - 30 seconds)
  • Topic segment 2: (can be another topic or same topic 5 – 7 minutes
  • Interlude (music clip or commercial- 30 seconds)
  • Topic segment 3: (can be another topic or same topic 5 – 7 minutes
  • Closing remarks such as (recap your topic(s), thank your listeners, invite listeners to email, call or visit website, talk about your next show) 3 – 5 minutes
  • Play your closing music jingle (should be similar to opening intro(jingle) - 1 minute

This will give you about a 30-minute podcast.

When you are recording a freestyle podcast this can be similar to a live radio show or a television interview. The guest and host may meet before the show and have an idea of what will be covered, but the flow of the podcast is more of a freestyle. This kind of show allows your podcast to be unpredictable, helps to keep the audience’s attention and creates an excitement. When writing a script for a freestyle show, you might only include your topics or the theme of the show and a few points that you may want to cover during the show. You can even take stage questions for your guest to be covered at any time during the show.

Pastor Dre

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