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Please help me i am new


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To get many orders the best thing is to:

  • Establish yourself as an honest seller on Fiverr with useful skills that many buyers need.
  • Create some gigs that are unique enough to get buyers to pick you over other people, including those who already have a good reputation.
  • Make clear and precise offers in Buyer Requests and market yourself.
  • Attain levels 1 and 2 over time.
  • Get plenty of positive reviews, especially 4.5 and up. (One TRS recommends trying to get at least 100 reviews per gig to get them really rolling.)
  • Get repeat buyers when possible so you’ll have a way to get regular orders.
  • Keep tweaking your gigs as long as you are on Fiverr, especially when things slow down.
  • Know that slowdowns are normal.
  • If a gig really isn’t working for you after tweaking it and making sure it’s in excellent English and making it unique with clear and original samples - try replacing it with a different gig.

Repeat as many of those steps as is needed while staying up to date on the Terms of Service and the changes in the marketplace. It’s your business, you have to drive it where you want it to go.

Take note that having 2 gigs offering the same basic thing (background removal) and showing nothing unique or interesting is not going to get you there. There, now you’ve already been helped by two people. Get to work. 🙂

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