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My first month as Fiverr seller rocked!


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SIGH!! Struggling Newbie Fiver VA HERE

Been on it for a week or two now, and Im not quite sure how to search, connect, find appropriate buyers. I check the ‘Buyers Request’ and could only see 4-5 options that are uninteresting??!!

On my first week, I’ve agreed to a $5 gig, and im still trying to collect that $5.

Is this normal? Or am I missing something here. PLEASE HELP!

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Hi !
You have an excelent experience and earning. But what about right now ? Are you working till now? I am very much seeking to know your hidden mystery to get the jobs. I have 7 gigs, but got only one !
Can you sugest me or any one from his/her success ?
I love to work in fiverr.

QH Jilani

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Yummmmmy I got my first orders with help of Fiverr tricks

Hi, I joined Fiverr in December 2016, And didn't know anything about fiverr someone suggested me to work on fiverr so i made profile and start working and i made different gigs at first but didn't get any job since i start fiverr but after doing...

Congratulations Dear,

I am also new here. Wish you best luck

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