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How can i start my selling?


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Create good gigs related to the service you are providing.
Upload nice images a unique video to attract clients
Delivery time to 1 day
Stay online
Send buyer requests
Make two gigs of one service.
Place gigs in proper category with proper tags/keywords.

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Your link doesn’t go anywhere. Change to a link to your profile or one of your gigs.

Read the academy, forum, FAQs, ToS, blog, podcasts.

You’re in a popular category so your gigs have to be very noticeable. If a buyer clicks, you need to persuade them in your gig description that yours is definitely the gig to buy, and not someone else’s. You have to be better than everyone else. Your gig description is too short and not interesting to a buyer.

In your watermark gig, all your packages are the same. They have to be different. And your description doesn’t match your package description. (10 images/20 photos).

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