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  1. If it’s for an NDA it needs to happen in an order and not outside the order in messaging. When I did my first one I checked with CS and there’s no real reason not to do that as it covers you but you’ll get the standard message: you can exchange information in an order if it is essential for the completion of the order. If it’s a small order you might not want to bother (I set up a custom order for one client who needed the NDA signed before sending me the files so that I could quote for the main order).
  2. We’re kind of used to it. I write things occasionally and I have to do it in American English or I get shouted at in reviews. Some American English things flummox me though however hard I try. 🙂
  3. Favourite is British/NZ/Australian - basically everywhere that speaks English except America 🙂 Firstly, secondly, etc. I think is style but I might be wrong. I think I’d use ‘Firstly’ over ‘First’ but I don’t know that it’s a British preference. Even with my Excel spreadsheets I check regional requirements - date formats, spelling etc. I’m guessing your writers are defaulting to America for spelling and using their own style preference?
  4. That’s the professional way of handling it. Personally i do pretty much the same except sometimes with creative work its almost impossible to will yourself to come up with a unique, idea, invention, piece of art etc. Luckily though i always have work in multiple fields, today for example i was supposed to do an airbrush painting but couldn’t come up with a good idea so instead i built a fence for another client and started building a new front door for another. I live on a smallholding with 16 alpacas so I understand and agree with your point. There’s always something completely different that needs to be done if a short break away from the computer is necessary.
  5. To find a seller for your project you should search the fiverr main site or make a buyer request. You won’t get the same big range to select from here on the forum.
  6. To find a seller for your project you should either search the Fiverr site or make a Buyer Request. Not a huge number of sellers come to the forum so you won’t get the same range to select from here.
  7. I have to identify the difference between just feeling blah about current work versus I need to take a break for my mental health. If I just feel blah, I just tell myself I don’t have to want to do it, or like doing it, I just have to do it. Otherwise, if it’s for mental health, then I take a break. By that point it’s usually gotten so bad that I take a whole month off. 🙂
  8. #6, but I like the word creative from #1 (though I don’t think #1)
  9. As a good seller, I totally agree with this statement 🙂 I also agree that begging and whining for a change in review shouldn’t be rewarded. I do think that if a seller communicates with you professionally and asks if there’s anything that they can do to improve their service or delivery (not directly asking for a review change) because perhaps they misunderstood the brief (okay, I know this is going to be a rare response) then you should give them a chance to do a revision, and after they’ve done that revision you should do what you feel is appropriate in amending or not amending your review.
  10. Fiverr Forum Top Buyer BadgeFiverr recently introduced a new Top Buyer badge, which is designed to help our seller community identify active buyers. What is the Top Buyer badge? The Top Buyer badge is a golden crown icon that is only added to a select group of buyers. ... Reading time: 5 mins ? Likes: 101 ❤
  11. I quite like this idea of a feature. At the moment, I’ve seen people put a ‘SALE’ type logo over their primary image, and making it obvious in the Gig description. e.g. ** USUALLY $100, ONLY $80 MAY 2017 ONLY **
  12. Last couple of times I went on vacation there was no obvious reduction in orders on my return. I think if you come back when you say you’re going to it’s okay. It used to be the case that it would take a week or two for the orders to pick up again but not recently. Also vacation is better because it flags you as on vacation and potential buyers can be asked to be notified when you return. People can also see you’re on vacation so even people who’ve contacted you before may wait until you’re back. Basically, vacation mode comes with lots of special in-built selling features that are useful to you, whereas just pausing your gigs doesn’t.
  13. Why don’t you want to get phone verified? What do you have to hide?
  14. It isn’t mandatory for you to upload a file to deliver and complete the gig; it will warn you but will still let you do it. However, if you want to get around this then you could create a kind of delivery note. Thanks for ordering, summary of the coaching maybe; upselling other gigs.
  15. No we don’t. Just cater for it in any calculations/analysis you do. Also if you’re comparing over time it won’t matter if you assume the same distribution of buyers/other parties.
  16. BUYERS DON’T SEE BUYER REQUESTS! DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR SERVICES AS A SELLER ON BUYER REQUESTS! There’s no point and it’s really, really annoying. See the forum for heaven’s sake; it’s full of sellers complaining about other sellers advertising on buyer requests. Jeez!
  17. Here is what I would put in an offer: make it unique so that the buyer can see that you’ve read and understood their requirementsadd assumptions if appropriate e.g. I can offer to do your project for $20 assuming 'there are only 3 formulas; the excel VBA code is only needed to do x as stated in your request, you can provide the working file, you are okay with the standard delivery time, you have no additional requirements… ’ etc.add any constraints e.g. file must be in Englishput a price that is the same as your gig price so that if a buyer checks they don’t feel you’re trying to cheat them
  18. To get an order in 24 hours you have to have a gig that really stands out from the rest, either in the description or in what you’re offering. suggestions for your gigs: - remove your catch all gig; it may not stand out in the searches as it’s not specific enough. Add new gigs: English to Arabic English to French Arabic to English etc. Take 5 dollars out of your title. You don’t need it. Your title also says 3000 words for $5 but you only offer 1000. Buyers spot these mistakes and think you’re trying to con them. Your gig description is frankly awful. Look at some others to get ideas of good descriptions. DON’T COPY THEM or your gig will be deleted. Don’t call yourself an amateur anything in your profile. Think about why anyone would choose your gig over everyone else’s. Price isn’t everything; people still want a quality product.
  19. This is a tough one. On the one hand I agree with the principle: no reviews, no revisions, no refunds; like it or lump it. On the other hand I can see problems. Take myself out of the equation as my current gigs don’t lend themselves to samples so I’m speculating on the idea as a business model within Fiverr here. The price would have to be flexible depending on the gig type. The ‘individual’ sample model would only work for a few gigs. If sellers give a lot of samples and get no reviews/other acknowledgement, what would it do to their statistics? Should samples be watermarked or otherwise locked? Would buyers buy in to a ‘sample’ if they could order a $5 taster and get a refund/leave a review? What rights would the buyer have if the seller didn’t deliver or delivered late?
  20. If you’re only visiting, then no, don’t change your location. Fiverr will change it after a while if it’s a long visit.
  21. I’d advise you not to spend your hard earned cash on doing Fiverr’s advertising for them unless they customize the back with your Fiverr user id.
  22. As @mariokluser says, change ‘race’ to ‘ethnicity’ and it’s clearer what you mean. I also agree that it’s perfectly normal for modeling work to specify gender or ethnicity, or even hair colour or eye colour or build etc. I don’t think that adding this option to the search will help you and I do think that it will be open to abuse by people who are racist and sexist. I think that sellers might benefit themselves by adding their ethnicity to their gig titles if they have a visual/modeling gig.
  23. I am visiting my mother in the UK at the moment - I feel what you feel.
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