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  1. Even if you had 2 cancellations during the 2 year period it still doesn't justify your demotion to level 0. It seems like a purge where Fiverr is randomly selecting and demoting sellers.
  2. I have an even worse news for you. So I initially had a success score of 5 and after 3 of my orders in the past week were auto-completed without reviews, the score dropped to 4. Any order that gets auto-completed also brings your success score down this is an impossible criteria to uphold.
  3. So, we aren't supposed to say, "Please leave a review" and "Good experience" in a sentence when asking customers to review an order? This has left me guessing the correct wording to encourage customers to leave a review. Can you specify the permitted wording for asking for reviews that won't get our accounts flagged by the system so soliciting reviews? For example, can we ask buyers something like, "Would you like to review the quality of my delivered work?" once the order is delivered to the client?
  4. It's obvious that they want a major chunk of seller base to be out of the marketplace listings. 4 and 5 also 6 seems to be the most common number. That way they can give us an excuse for not ranking us in the search results.
  5. Awkward, but you showed up at the top with a badge in design category. Were you Fiverr's choice then?
  6. I am pretty sure more people have less than 5 score than those with +5 SS. I have been seeing a lot of posts with 3, 4 and even 1.6 SS ratings on some of the Facebook groups I am in.
  7. That's still pretty interesting. Fiverr needs sellers in more ways than just generating revenue for them. I hope some TRS or pros also get contacted about their feedback on the new rating system.
  8. Hold up we might be onto something here. This is insider information.
  9. Fiverr should outsource customer support to customer support niche sellers on Fiverr. That'll make their customer care more reliable instead of the in-house representatives that give contradictory responses each time.
  10. Wow and I thought I had it bad. But I might have some good news for you. So after texting back and forth with customer support on my ticket I found out that my account is still level 2 (CS representative checked and confirmed) and I haven't been demoted as per the information they see for my account. So maybe the demotions you and everyone else is seeing are a glitch and they might be resolved once Fiverr gets this situation under control.
  11. "Love your order, or else the seller delivering the order gets shadowbanned." There I fixed the copy.
  12. I think working with your existing buyers and encouraging them to review your deliveries might bring you out of Fiverr jail in a couple months.
  13. Fiverr maths goes something like this: an SS of 9 on one gig, and multiple gigs without any success score due to lack of enough orders brings down the overall success score.
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