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Is there any update about the Fiverr Level System?



It's been a long time since we are suffering from the level system. Is there any update about the Fiverr Level System? 

Fiverr support is not responding as well. They are marking the issue as completed without any reply. 

This is not a simple issue in Fiverr who take Fiverr as a profession. No one can trust Fiverr if they are doing this and disvalue the sellers and this is not going to help us.

Without any level what should I do with the account? I am requesting all the sellers to stand up against this and do something remarkable so that Fiver will think about this and before making any serious decision they think multiple times. 



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Fiverr Support cannot help you in this regard because AI is doing the work for them so they rely on it. Just get used to the changes as we all have to adapt to these changes made by Fiverr.

Improve your services and overall success scores. And read articles on it too. 

P.S. Nothing can be done so just face it. (Sorry to say this)

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