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  1. Thanks for this, my issues currently is that my account has been placed under review for the past 3-4 months now for policy violation which was not pointed out to me, or even received a single warning, i never had a fight with any buyer neither i have received a project without doing a good job because i have completed almost 40 orders on this account and i only received 4 star ratings twice. currently i have a balance of $146 on this account and my livelihood situations depends on it. now my question is , what can i do to get this sorted because i have contact support without getting it solved.
  2. Hello Everyone, few weeks ago I tried to withdraw my funds on fiverr and the withdrawal was in process, it didn't completed, so I went to complain to fiverr support about my issues, so this afternoon I was send a message that my account is under review due to violations of fiverr terms and services. What can I do to retify this issues?
  3. Hello everyone, I happen to make a funds withdrawer from my account, but the funds did not completed, all i saw was that the transaction is in progress for the past 13 days, i was thinking maybe it was my Payoneer that has issues so i tried withdrawing another funds with Paypal it also say it is progress, and i tried contacting support for the 2 days no response, so am asking if anybody has ever experienced this and how do they solve it.
  4. Thanks ma, I really appreciate the input, I will make some corrections and changes as you pointed out. You are really an angel, much love❤️❤️
  5. Congratulation on your first order, so how do you achieve this maybe other new seller can learn from it too
  6. I have a gig with promoted ads, and although I've been receiving clicks, I haven't made any sales for quite some time. I've thoroughly checked all the necessary elements. As a level 1 seller with positive reviews, I also spend many hours online each day. Despite these efforts, I continue to get clicks without translating them into sales. I'm becoming weary and confused, so I need assistance. What steps can I take to improve and start generating sales?
  7. I have gotten order from my previous client but it's still not coming back up
  8. So what do you suggest I should do?
  9. It's says gig not found when search
  10. Hello, everyone, am having an issue with my account All my impression has dropped down from 4,673 to 25 and did not rise again, and secondly I could not find my gig on the pages I used to see them, and yet they still give me level 1 seller. My question is: why is my impression and click down even when I keep staying online and what can I do, to bring them back up and start collecting order again
  11. Fiverr sometimes make changes to gig categories that is why sometimes they tell you to edit your gig..So after publishing your gig you can check it under contact support-selling on fiverr-gig status to check wether your gig is active can can be seen in fiverr search box
  12. Well people has been saying gig promotion is the best way to go about it, you can promote your gig on social media to bring more exposure to your brand which in turn help your gig when you start receiving orders
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