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Hello, everyone, am having an issue with my account All my impression has dropped down from 4,673 to 25 and did not rise again, and secondly I could not find my gig on the pages I used to see them, and yet they still give me level 1 seller.

My question is: why is my impression and click down even when I keep staying online and what can I do, to bring them back up and start collecting order again

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What Can you do, if you are having a promoted gigs but you are getting sales

I have a gig with promoted ads, and although I've been receiving clicks, I haven't made any sales for quite some time. I've thoroughly checked all the necessary elements. As a level 1 seller with positive reviews, I also spend many hours online each day. Despite these efforts, I continue to get clicks without translating them into sales. I'm becoming weary and confused, so I need assistance. What steps can I take to improve and start generating sales?

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6 minutes ago, dewale_xpert said:

I continue to get clicks without translating them into sales.

This means that potential buyers are visiting your gigs and then decide not to purchase from you. I suspect it is this 2.7-star review that you got a month ago:


Their communication was good, and they were responsive, but the campaign resulted in exactly $0 in sales, so it was a complete waste of money for me.

Buyers can't see a response from you, so we don't know your side of the story or what expectations are being set with your buyers. One thing that you should make clear with your buyers (possibly in your gig description or FAQs), is that promotion results are based on various factors (many of them outside your control).

You can't guarantee them sales or increased customers (this is considered misleading and against Fiverr ToS), but you can guarantee them increased exposure to their target market. Make sure that you are delivering what you promise to deliver.

I would also add more Portfolio samples (or revise the current samples) to highlight what you can deliver. It needs to be crystal clear with your buyers what you can (and can't deliver). So make that clear in your gig descriptions, FAQs, and portfolio samples in your gig galleries and Portfolio.

Your tagline could also change. It currently states "MARKETING AND WEBSITE DESIGN EXPERT" - this is an overused title (usually by new sellers who aren't really experts). It may be a red flag to potential buyers who visit your profile and gigs. I think "Professional Fundraising Manager" sounds better and is more in line with the services you offer.

It can be hard to get past a negative review, but it isn't impossible. Your other reviews show that you are hard-working, have quality work, and value your customers. The more you can show that, and let your customers know what they can expect, the better your gigs will perform.


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