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Found 10 results

  1. I just got a negative review at my 2nd order on Fiverr. My profile rating went lower than 90%. I could not able to send buyer request for this. After that, I have completed 3 orders with 5 star in Fiverr successfully. I got a lots of suggestions from different people in this forum. Thanks a lot to all! I share my works in social media and clients knock me for works. After completing their work, they order me on Fiverr. I need your suggestion for this current situations. Thank you again.
  2. I've completed 109 Project with one clients on fiverr. And still we're working together. It's been a great experience. New sellers, Always provide your best quality of works. Normally clients doesn't want to change seller. If you do a job perfectly, then he or she will messsage you again for the next job.
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. After working for about 3 months, I completed 10 orders today. It feels so good to complete 10 orders today.I know I did it for my hard work. Hopefully the future is waiting for something much better. Thank everyone, Sonjoy Chandra Barman
  4. Hello guys, I'm Sk Moni. I've working with fiverr for 5 years. today i'll share you my experience with fiverr with tips so new sellers can understand the consiquenses and boost up their mind. In my Carrer I've learned that never compromise with quality for work. Always deliver the best work that you can do for. if you're new, if you don't know the industry well, if you don't know the work well but you've already created the account. Please leave the account for now and learn the work first. Because only for you this industry can be harmful. Client gets bad experience. Ultimately either you receive a bad review or the order get cancelled. Always realise that Time is money. Put time on your work and learning. Let's come to the pricing. There is quote "If you're good at it, never do it free". But if you think differently, on the past people said fiverr is $5 market. But which is not. Always consider the pricing with the work. There is lots of potential clients who know the values of work. Take the clients words seriously. Always Remember that client is the boss. Never argue with your clients. Always talk to him/her with great approach. try to build up a healty relation by your works. Always put some comments after finishing the works. Tell them to share your experience to Social media or friends and family and do come back to me when you need more help. You'll be there always. Finally Reviews. If you've done a great job You'll get perfect reviews. amost 30% of the clients doesn't reviews i think it's because of time is valuable for them. few of the clients are new on fiverr and don't know how to do it. But never gets frustrated with that. Take it easily. Let's come to Marketing. Always share your gigs to Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Create porfolios on driblle, behance, flickr etc. Try to make portfolio website if you have a chance. Try to join your service related groups and helps peoples. Only after a successfull help you can put your gig or fiverr link and tell them if they need further help they can connect you there. I hope this post help you. if you feel it helps you then do follow me on the comunity profile.
  5. Alhamdulillah within few moths, i have completed 11 th order and achieving good reviews from clients. On the way to Level-1 batch in the next 15th August.
  6. Alhamdulillah, I just completed 955 feedback in my 1 year Career .. professionally I am start working on June 2020, in last 1 year iI completed 1060 Order and got 955 Rate in my profile.. I am always trying to give best service to my all employer .. so thank you so much Fiverr to give me a great position..
  7. I would just like to take as moment to thank you Fiverr and Fiverr community. I joined Fiiverr about a two years ago but at that time I was not very active as a freelancer, but when I recognized the true potential of being a freelancer, I kicked my freelancer journey. Last week I completed my 12 orders on fiverr and all of them were awesome buyers. I I had heard many stories on fiverr Forum them they came across a buyer who was fraud or want to cancel the order after delivery but thankfully I came across none of them. From my point of view, just stay humble to the buyer, understand the requirement and deliver the project on or before time. That's all you need to get success on fiverr. I am still on my way of "success" but I believe I will be there soon. Thank you for the lovely audience and a great customer base.
  8. Hello Fiverr forum, Those of you who have chosen Freelancing as the only page of life. Or working for many years. My question to them is if I choose this profession as my only profession? So what do I need to pay attention to? Besides, those of you who have chosen it, have you faced any problems? And what do I take care of? In what ways can I stay on top of it and achieve success? I want to know from your experience. It will make me more focused and courageous in my work. Hope all your feedback Thanks everyone for reading patiently 🥰💖
  9. Can someone please share the tips to improve my gig's impressions and get more successful results from it?
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