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Found 16 results

  1. I'm level 2 seller and unfortunately account got Deranked, impresaiions drops from 16k to 50, How can I get back ranking? Your valuble suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. I am working in photo retouching section. Currently I have 22 five star rating, but i am not getting any impressions. What should I do?
  3. Hello Everyone! My gig has been deranked from two months and its impressions are very lowest at this time. I am struggling alot in this to re-rank it again. Kindly please suggest me TIPS so I can rank it again and also please tell me what editing the description and changing one or two tags will help or not ?
  4. Hello Everyone! My gig has been deranked from two months and its impressions are very lowest at this time. I am struggling alot in this to re-rank it again. Kindly please suggest me TIPS so I can rank it again and also please tell me what editing the description and changing one or two tags will help or not ?
  5. Hey gang! Happy New Year! So as part of my strategy for 2022, I have to update 3 of my gigs, plus create two more Pro offerings. I started with the latter which, as per usual, brought forth an abrupt case of procrastinatitis. 😜 So Instead of working on my business, I thought I'd write up a quick post to help anyone who struggles with new gig creation and wants to give themselves a quick little boost when publishing. This is the hack you've been looking for... So this is very straightforward, and it seems deceivingly simple. So much so, that many seasoned veterans omit this. Take advantage of everything that Fiverr gives you. Fill out every field. Enable every feature. Did you get a random invite to beta test an obscure feature? Jump in, ask questions later. The reasoning behind this simple tip is that Fiverr's algorithm will favor every listing that seems to be the most complete. So there's a simple but very real checklist that the search engine performs when evaluating new gigs. The more complete your gig is, the better your chances to get ranked slightly higher than your competition. So to make this more actionable for you: • Fill out your gig's description, as close to the limit as possible, without of course writing random stuff just to fill up space. • Use all 5 tags. • Add a FAQ section. • Enable packages. • Enable subscriptions. • Add all 5 of your most notable clients. • Enable and completely fill out your portfolio. • Create a studio. • Add the How it works feature. • Add gig extras. (especially the ones already made by Fiverr for you) • Edit your Fiverr Business Seller Profile. If you don't have some of the above listed features available for your account, don't fret. The goal is to use ALL available features to you. Fiverr continuously adds more filters and options for buyers to find the right gigs. And the easiest way to quantify a gig's potential performance, is to see how complete it is when it is published. That's all for now. This is obviously not the "magic pill" solution most users on this forum are looking for. BUT This is by far the most effective trick I have discovered that requires very little effort on your end. Let me know what you think, what you have experienced when publishing new gigs that performed well and if you have any questions! Frank D.
  6. Hi, I am worried because my gig is de-ranked, I have been facing this problem since last month. I am not taking orders. Previous time I completed 100 dollars order. Now I did not receive even a single order due to my gig de-ranking. My gig is not appearing in the search, Kindly give me a possible solution for this.
  7. My gig ranking is really good and I stay online almost whole day but why my gig down? This the gig Please visit and check
  8. I'm not getting order for 10 months after a cancellation! How can I improve/rank my gig again? Need suggestions from expert! Thank You! Here is the link of my gig! https://www.fiverr.com/arifhossain2019/do-custom-typography-t-shirt-design-for-your-pod-business
  9. Hello, I am Supervik. My problem is I don't understand why my gigs are not ranking well in the search results. It will always show on the 5th page or beyond. Also I have done everything I could to experiments things but nothing seems to work. I have tried by editing Gig titles, search tags and description but nothing work for me. My profile - https://www.fiverr.com/supervik086 You can checkout some of the gigs from the above link and also see the attached screenshots. I need your help to analyze the problem I am facing and I know my category is oversaturated but I saw some new sellers getting there gig ranked on the 1st page. That makes me think I am working hard on my gigs from months but they just came and getting sales like crazy. Please dear fiverr seller I hope you understand and help me to become a better seller. Thanks.
  10. My most selling GIG was going fine and I was getting orders. The ranking of that GIG was in upward direction each day. But a buyer didn't rate my service after delivery and my GIG ranking was going down everyday. Now it doesn't even appear in the first page. I tried changing meta-data and GIG gallery, but that didn't help. Is this a co-incidence or it happens? My question is If a buyer doesn't leave a review after a successful delivery, does it negatively affect the GIG ranking? If this is just a co-incidence, I need some serious advice to recover my GIG rank. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a regular seller at Fiverr. Last month I was a Level One seller. My Fiverr Gig lost the rank since I got the level. At the same time, my gig impression and clicks are suddenly decreasing. What should I do in such a situation, please help me. Thanks for the Suggestions. profile: https://www.fiverr.com/hridoy950?up_rollout=true
  12. Does editing a gig's description have any effect on a gig's ranking?
  13. Hello y'all! I'm still a new seller on fiverr as I completed 17 orders and would likely touch the level one mark on 15th of this month. However, I learned one valuable lesson. The gig ranking isn't permanent and your gig/s can any time go down the pages. To maintain regular sales, build long-lasting relationships with your customers and they'll help you bring new work. Great work ensures repeated orders and recommendations. I understand gigs ranking is very important but providing great value is equally important. Good luck.
  14. I am a new seller. I’ve done a lot of work outside of fiverr and in the last month I’ve joined fiverr. I basically work with WordPress Shopify and Digital Marketing. I wish your cooperation as a new seller. Hopefully your valuable guidelines will help me move forward. My profile: https://www.fiverr.com/arafat_bs?up_rollout=tr Thank you so much for sharing your experience 😇
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