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  1. You have a point... I wouldn't be surprised if you are right... Fiverr loves to tweak things...
  2. Show off 😝 (lol! JK!).... I have a similar track record but I've only taken Fiverr seriously for about a year and a half. I've long passed every goal except this one, so I'm happy about it. The TRS label should help on perception alone...
  3. I purely see it as making that particular goal more attainable. 20,000 in earnings was a lot... especially for what I do here... https://www.fiverr.com/geo316?up_rollout=true
  4. Whoa... I just noticed that the earnings goal which was 20,000 to become a top rated seller is now 10,000. I have to be honest, I'm usually annoyed at the way Fiverr changes, adds and removes features without warning. This time I smiled 😇
  5. I haven't been in the forum for a short while (Happy to say that's because of being busy working!) but after reading your reply to my post here I then read your "Fiverr 3.1" post. I wasn't aware of Fiverr plus' coupon feature. I'm thinking that could possibly satisfy my desire to reach past clients without risking a "hand slap" from Fiverr... Hmmm... maybe...
  6. So, in other words: NEVER, EVER do it - except when you DO IT judiciously lol!! Full disclosure, I have done it in the past but with select clients. This time I felt that I needed to ask about the practice before doing it again... Thanks Frank...
  7. Seems THIS is the right answer. Thanks!
  8. Is it allowed to reach out to past clients to let them know about a new gig, extra or offer discounted services? If allowed, does anyone do this? Is it profitable?
  9. I haven't had anyone that I've turned down yet - but I would be truthful and briefly explain why you aren't a good fit. You are under no obligation to them and they can't impact you with negative comments or ratings if they don't buy...
  10. I don't know how to reject a gig or if it would affect your rating, but I think you can prevent (or at least reduce) unwanted buyers up front by putting at the top of your gig description something like "Please contact me to discuss details and availability before purchasing this gig". That's what I have in my gig and everyone messages me before buying... 🙂
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