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How to handle Automatically closed gig / slow to respond client...



So I completed a gig and didn't hear back from the client for about 2 days. I reached out, his response was that he definitely wanted revisions but would finish reviewing the work in a few days. I responded letting him know that Fiverr allows a 3 day period and that they will automatically close the project (and that we were already at day 2) . There was no response and the project of course was automatically closed, the client is now upset and is asking me what the next steps are. If anyone has been in this or a similar situation I'm wondering how you handled it. My thoughts are to either:


Offer to complete the revisions anyway (The gig did include 2 free revisions)

OR Charge the client to make the revisions via custom offer

What would you do (that's within the scope of Fiverr's rules)?


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If your offer included revisions and the order was automatically closed, just ask the buyer to send the details in the inbox and work on it.

*if the revision is not a change, but to add new things then you should send a new offer.


You should first see what the buyer has to say, what the changes are, to after that make a decision.

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On 2/15/2022 at 11:33 AM, farhat_mahi said:

Offer the revisions, if he gives a bad review in anger it might cost you.

This confirmed what I was feeling. I did just that, now he's a very happy client who promised he'll return  🙂

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