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Client wants to hire me weekly



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1 hour ago, geo316 said:

Is there a way to create a custom gig for a client who wants me to edit his radio show weekly? I could just send a custom offer every week, but I was wondering if it can be scheduled in advance.

Yes, you can use Milestone delivery or Subscriptions. When you are creating your offer, after you select your gig, 1453271989_ScreenShot2022-02-18at7_50_59AM.thumb.png.0a7af148c15ba47c69e598ac76c0f69b.pngit should give you the option to choose single delivery, subscription or milestone delivery.  



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I'm not sure about having a custom offer scheduled. But there is an option to create a custom offer template. If you have a standard format and expectations (say, price, durations and descriptions) are the same every week, you should create a template and save it. No need to re-create a custom offer every week. Just click on the template and send. 


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It's a new feature, and not available for everyone (yet, some features are rolled out successively, but I don't know how it's planned for this one):



2. Who can offer Subscriptions?

Eligible sellers—those who meet Fiverr criteria—can offer subscriptions in select categories. To see if your Gigs are eligible, go to your Manage Gigs page.


Here's the info page I took that quote from:




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