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  1. Based on fiverr help article: Link: https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/4413134063633-Using-My-Portfolio#h_01GFNC9KYTE494ZFY26JD7150K
  2. Hey, His gig seems to be in the category: Programming & Tech Game Development Full Game Creation Same as mine, and yet I don't see the option to add "How it works?"
  3. Look around where? This system is bugged, I haven't made any changes only kept pressing "save" and after 10 times it happened I no longer get the notification. So there was nothing wrong apparently.
  4. Hey, I've noticed a gig with a section "How it works"(which is not a description). How can I add it to my own gigs? The gig where I found it: https://www.fiverr.com/attishno1/design-your-game-and-create-a-gdd Can someone tell me how I can add this to my own gigs?
  5. The problem with gigs is that people can create an offer directly without your consent, I'd rather avoid having to cancel it due to not knowing what a buyer expects when they read "includes animation"
  6. Hey, As the title says, in my game dev gig I have an option to "Include animation" which says "You will animate the game." What does it stand for exactly? Does it mean that I will draw art + animate or do I just animate using a game engine(or by other means) by using the art I get from the buyer?
  7. Fiverr did not suggest any price change specifically, it is a vague message that doesn't help me as it could mean a lot of things and I have no clue when the system will be satisfied.
  8. Hey, I keep getting this message for some of my gigs. How do I update the pricing factors? What does that even mean? Nothing I change seem to fix this issue.
  9. Same issue, I assume it is for specific categories only.
  10. You are right, I don't know. Just checked and my posts were also removed by reddit spam filter without giving me any notification. No wonder I got nothing out of reddit. I can suggest DISCORD servers then, those work best. On reddit, I would guess not using links, just account name maybe. Or none, just wait for a DM on reddit and then give them fiverr link. You can talk about the job before you give them any link. Fiverr is a way for them to pay you after all.
  11. The same as always. Good thumbnail, description, title. Set of skills that are needed. Go through discords/reddit etc and post your job offer with fiverr link on various job boards. Don't spam job boards and follow their rules of posting(they usually have a section "for-hire")
  12. Edit your gigs to "refresh" them...you will start getting more impressions and maybe clicks. To get more clicks, make your thumbnail look good. Do some research, go to a buyers account and search for what you are doing, look at what other people have in their thumbnails etc.
  13. Hey, I am just curious. What are the requirements to be eligible for the seller plus?
  14. You edit the gig in the place where you create it I think. Then just change the description a bit or the title, update the thumbnail maybe. Well, the problem with competitors is that everyone is trying to undercut everyone else. When I need a website or something, I avoid $5 gigs, because I know that I won't get much out of it. But it's up to you.
  15. Try to increase gig price to $15 or $30... Also update your gig once in a while, fiverr has a hidden game mechanic which requires you to update gigs once in a while to keep them "alive". Lastly check your analytics, do you get any impressions?(If you are ranked on the 1st page then you should be getting quite a lot of impressions)
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