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  1. Hi One of my gig was rank in many keywords. Suddenly I noticed, my gig is not ranking anymore. Can anyone tell me, How can I improve my gig ranking again? -Thanks
  2. Be patient mate, Success will come
  3. Thank you so much mate for sharing this topic.
  4. 1. Do proper Social marketing 2. send buyer request daily 3. Edit your gig weekly 1 time until your gig rank up 4. Create 7 gigs as a new seller ( with 1 high volume keyword and 3/4 low volume keyword) 5. Be patient
  5. Hi Mates, I have a gig which is rank first page in different keywords at Fiverr but I am not getting order, click. Please give me some tips. Here is my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/z7YdWv -Thanks
  6. 1. Be honest 2. Completed order with out cancelation 3. Keep buyer happy 4. Maintain Fiverr Terms & Conditions 5. Give your best services
  7. Mate be patient Success never tell when it comes But it will come
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