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  1. Something is wrong. War, disease, death, destruction, hunger, filth, poverty, crime, torture, corruption and the ice capades. If this is the best God can do, I am not impressed. This is not what you expect to find on the resume of a supreme being. It's what you expect from an office temp with a bad attitude. George Carlin
  2. pros: you can make living for the things you can do the best cons: unless you live in a wrong state
  3. 1. If anything can go wrong, it will. 2. If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the first one to go wrong. 3. If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway. 4. If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop. 5. Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse. 6. If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.
  4. Nothing would change. We didn't have internet in Russia back then – now we don't have fiverr
  5. Sorry, I don't watch those shows. In my previous comment I accurately described people who watch and enjoy this kind of shows, but it was removed🙁
  6. That's my president! Proud of him! an joke
  7. leave russia and never look back. the #1 goal of my life. while it's possible, dead or alive
  8. In Russia it is. If you dare to go out with "no war" banner or white-blue-white flag in Russia, you might end up in prison (up to 15 years). Also our propaganda works very well. During the first few days of war I haven't seen LITERALLY NO ONE who would support it, but now I see more and more zombified bigots wearing "Z" signs. Somebody help me
  9. I have just received my money through payoneer. Luckily I have a card of non-sanctioned bank (Tinkoff). Bye-bye, fiverr⚔
  10. does it work with tinkoff? which bank did you use?
  11. well, it seems like our proрagаndists are telling truth about russорhоbes in the west🤯
  12. Trying to beat GTA III, playing it for the first time in my life. Used to play Vice City earlier, but have 100% completed it twice. Only original versions, "definitive edition" of trilogy is so bad🤣
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