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Found 18 results

  1. Hello successful people, You can call me Mastertwitch or Kenneth. I'm curious to become great on my full time freelancer and to become great on this Amazon Marketplace. I have a service that am I rendering before which is email marketing, it very saturated. I have passion for this service but never make a dime in the marketplace for past 1 year, so I decide to change a service, as we know that it against Fiverr TOS to have two accounts. I need to delete the account and move to Twitch marketing. The reason I moved to twitch is that I can render email marketing on it and help those streamers to get organic viewers and followers. I have different tested marketing plans relate to email marketing and social media marketing for those streamers. I tried almost everything in which am capable to do, to rank in the Fiverr algorithms and to produce valuable service, which was told in Fiverr learn. Still the same, I realized those streamers love quick results. I'm not here to said abusive words, but my experience makes me realize that. I decide to look for solution on Fiverr support, still not get the answer why buyers are not ready to click on my profile. I meet one of Fiverr staff, I was told these sentences. (I would advise you to make some changes in your gig, which will lead to a shift in the algorithm and may help in the positioning of your gig.) Does not mean to change services, right? After some critical thinking by myself, I found across to ask this question say, Which services on this platform that are relevant and have quality services in which potential buyers will be able to look for. It's true, all service as their own uniquest. Want to get advice and knowledge before moving into another service, or should I fight the battle by win the race in these services. I will love to hear from your experiences and a piece of advice. Thank you all
  2. Hi everyone, I am a Level One seller on Fiverr. I got the option to promote. But after a few days, my gig was unqualified by Fiverr. Please help me with my gigs are they perfect or any other issues with selling or ranking I am not getting any new orders or messages (see attached Image). Here is my gig link. https://www.fiverr.com/fotoseditbd/do-best-jewelry-photo-retouch-within-24hrs Thanks in Advance!
  3. Today is the 25th of February and it marks exactly one year since I created my seller account on Fiverr. I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on this journey and share my experience with you. ✍️ After setting up my profile and my first gig, it took me about two weeks to receive my first order. To my surprise, the client wasn‘t exactly asking for what I was offering, but after some researching and trying different things, I managed to find a solution and deliver what they needed. This order as well as a few others made me realize that there‘s demand for a service that I could provide but wasn‘t focusing on. I changed my gig entirely, started learning additional software, and polished my profile regularly. 👷‍♂️ As you can see from my analytics, in the first three months (starting on February) I was barely getting any orders or making money. In fact, I was at a loss, since I invested in different software which would enable me to deliver my orders to a higher standard. ⬆️ In June, orders seemed to pick up a bit and in August I earned more than a minimum wage in Lithuania while working on Fiverr part-time. This was a great achievement for me and proof that Fiverr has the potential to be a substantial income stream if utilized correctly. 💼 In the same month, I received my first negative review, followed by a second negative review on the same day. I was distraught. I turned to the forum and found great advice from experienced sellers on how to act in this situation. My overall review score dropped to 4.7 and for the next two months, I felt the consequences of that day. 📉 Needless to say, it was a learning experience. In October, I managed to climb back to a 4.9 review score, in November my gig was chosen for a Fiverr's choice badge and in December I reached level 2 and had the most successful month up to this day. 🚀 In early January I uploaded a video to my gig. I felt confident that I can offer a better quality service than most of my competitors and raised my prices. I let my returning clients know that their next order would be discounted to make the transition a bit smoother. 🧈 Right now I‘m finishing up my main gig (designing a portfolio PDF for the gig gallery) and slowly working on additional gigs. My plan for this year is to further develop my skills, do lots and lots of market research, and have at least 3 fully fleshed-out gigs by the end. ✔️ Throughout this journey, I was an active member of the forum and it has been an invaluable experience for me. From dealing with difficult clients to mental health issues, I knew that there would be people here who are willing to help and give advice. For that, I am very grateful and I hope we can continue the meaningful conversation going despite the problems this forum has been facing. 💖 Overall, Fiverr has been a great experience so far and I get excited thinking of ways I can and will improve. I still have lots to learn, but for some reason, I feel calm about the future. 😎 Do you guys have interesting stories from your own time on the platform? I would be very curious to learn how you got started, grew, and achieved the goals you set out for yourselves. 😉 Here‘s to our future goals and achievements! 🏆
  4. Thanks for fiverr to this chance and i like to explain what kind of experience i obtained through fiverr. I have a ability about graphic designing and music composting for any industry, so i had been working as a freelancer designer locally. but i wanted to start my international pathway via any recognized platform. so i tried few famous platforms but i like to say that only fiverr pathway is the successful platform i have ever used. really i love the interface and quality of the platform, not only that safe money transfer methods, buyers dealing options and other facilities are nice. i think im no need to use any platform to expand my carrier Thanks
  5. I joined Fiverr in 2018, strained my eyes, and was emotionally affected. Fiverr's new features are killing my best selling gig. I'm about to leave the platform, but I'd want to hear from others.
  6. alhamdulillah, I have a done for 10 order with 7 five star rating. everyone pray for me
  7. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. After becoming level 2 seller, I am having a hard time getting new orders. Moreover, the gig impression and clicks are also lower and interaction with clients about new order are on all time low. Can someone suggest me strategy to get more orders ? Is Fiverr too saturated, will it be better if i move to a new platform. I have only two gigs and most orders came from this gig https://www.fiverr.com/rabbit978/create-responsive-resume-personal-or-portfolio-website The other gig have never done well unfortunately https://www.fiverr.com/rabbit978/build-responsive-wordpress-website-or-blog
  8. Having a bad day and feeling very discouraged and considering whether I should stay on Fiverr. Buyers will talk and talk with you for an hour they think it's tinder, and I find it hard to say "hey you are not worth my time giving you free consultations and "talking things through with you" unless I get an order". Where is the boundary? A few things that happened recently and I really feel like I've had enough, Fiverr is becoming toxic and I'm not feeling protected as a seller: 1. A buyer, who's already placed one order with me, messages me every other day talking about future plans how to work together. Honestly, he's very new to the industry and has no idea what he's doing. I try to be friendly and open and shared a lot of insights with him in good faith, and getting back to him often when he messages, it almost felt like I was an unpaid employee in his company, me willing to do this hoping it could result in further partnerships. He wanted to schedule a zoom call to talk about more, me thinking, hell, I've already spent so much time doing this with him, I don't want to waste an opportunity, so I hopped on a call. After the call, which was positive, and he even messaged me more ideas after the call, I sent him an offer with the price for the job as we discussed. (Nothing far off from what was discussed and what's already on my profile, and honestly ridiculously low prices as I am still trying to achieve the next seller level). He did not reply AT ALL after this. After so much communication. Not at all. Would this be decent behavior in the real world? I won't force anyone to accept any offers, but a short thank you but no thanks would have been decent. If he has to spend 200 dollars on a sampling a pair of pants with a factory I don't see how me charging around 500 for a full on building of his brand and designing and tech packs is not reasonable, I don't know how these people think designers eat. 2. A buyer, who asked for a 6-hour turn around of sketches, which I delivered in an even shorter time frame, asked for 2 additional changes which I did for free for her. (because I was so afraid of a bad review, WHY??? why do sellers need to always live in fear???) She said she was very happy with it and want to work with me again, yet, she does not even hit the accept delivery button after me reminding her. WHY?? (Sorry I am very frustrated today). 3. A buyer, who has previously also placed an order with me, came back to ask for another gig. My prices are already transparent on my page, and during the almost 40 minutes conversation we have, I have continuously tried to ask about her budget and she was adamant on a particular gig/price point. I spent time again "talking things through with her" and giving her insight on how to build up her brand within a budget. At the end, she said sorry for the back and forth but she realizes she doesn't need it and talking with me opened up her mind so much. It was for a merely 60 dollars gig. On top of that, countless hours talking with people on their projects hoping they would place an order (because I seriously don't know how to just be cold and say NO and keep things strictly transactional, maybe it's my problem), only for them not to even give you a reply when you finally send an offer, again, not far off form the prices already transparent on my profile. I am going to be honest, I am feeling very discouraged today and my ego is hurting bad. I don't know why people can view design work as such low services not even worth the price of a decent meal. I used to work for a big brand and my salary was over 150k USD a year. I am having a Visa issue when I relocated after the pandemic and am left with no right to work until further notice, so I have turned to fiverr. I have a lot to give, I work hard, I am experienced, I always give the sellers more than it's worth, yet I feel like Fiverr is a platform where sellers always have the lower hand and we have to keep living in fear and over compensate only for people being not even half decent. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way or have gone through this, if you could give me some advise. You would make my day.
  9. Maybe there are many here for whom it is very little. But for me, it wasn't too easy. This is the result of a lot of hope, despair, and love. For beginners, getting started is never easy. I wasn't an exception. After opening an account on Fiverr, I realized that I was not skilled enough. Then I keep my account hold and focus on developing the skill. I returned to the account after 1.5 years. Then I got the first order after 2 months. Then the journey started with an order of two. I thought I would post when 1k orders were completed. Under the pressure of work, I could not understand when 1200+ orders were completed. So for newcomers, don't be disappointed. Develop skills and be patient. Success will come... Thanks all for your supports.
  10. The biggest online market I've seen is Fiverr. I also joined Fiverr on February 21. I have learned a lot from this platform after joining. But this journey was not pleasant at first. I got my first job three months later and now I have finished 9 jobs. Fiverr is a very skilled and professional place. Those who are very skilled and professional will be able to stay in this place. Pray for me so that I can get more work and do better and You can turn it on my profile if you want. I would be very happy. Thank you😊 My profile: fiverr.com/touhidulbashar4
  11. Finally, I completed my order in time. It's a great experience work with buyer via Fiverr. Alhamdulillah.
  12. It's been a few weeks after my one year anniversary on Fiverr, and I've completed over 35 orders. Recently I was qualified to become a level one seller. The secret is to deliver quality work and make sure client are 💯 satisfied. Only create Gig of services that you studied in college or you know how to do professionally. Alternatively you can take a course. It's not easy to succeed in Fiverr, nobody should lie to you. It's hardwork and dedication.
  13. I completed the order within 2 hours. The buyer was much better. Has been friendly with me. I tried my best to help him. After all, he gave me a very good review.
  14. fiverr English test is very imformative and friendly, i like. any one can chose me for lead generation work.
  15. 1: Complete your professional seller profile 2: Choose the right category or niche 3: Appropriate gig title and description 4: Attractive gig images or video 5: Create multiple gigs 6: Use best keywords in tag and description 7: Promote gigs on social media but don't spamming 8: Stay online maximum time 9: Quality work & on-time delivery 10: Connected with Fiverr forum 11: Send proper buyer requests everyday 12: Skill test 13: Make connections with buyers 14: Offer bonus with service 15: Upsell to your satisfied customers
  16. I would just like to take as moment to thank you Fiverr and Fiverr community. I joined Fiiverr about a two years ago but at that time I was not very active as a freelancer, but when I recognized the true potential of being a freelancer, I kicked my freelancer journey. Last week I completed my 12 orders on fiverr and all of them were awesome buyers. I I had heard many stories on fiverr Forum them they came across a buyer who was fraud or want to cancel the order after delivery but thankfully I came across none of them. From my point of view, just stay humble to the buyer, understand the requirement and deliver the project on or before time. That's all you need to get success on fiverr. I am still on my way of "success" but I believe I will be there soon. Thank you for the lovely audience and a great customer base.
  17. Dear friends, I'm new seller at fiver. As my country don't support paypal officially, can i integrate my friend's paypal account with my fiverr account? (fyi, my friend lives in the US and he doesn't work at any online marketplace, he is a job holder.) I live in an asian country. I'm just intended to use his paypal account as mine, he has full permission in that case. Is there any problem or fiverr policy regarding that? I'm new to fiverr and humbly work here in the long term so i don't want to violate any kinds of fiverr policy, Please help me with my query whoever is sure about my ask, Thank you.
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