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  1. Just wondering if anyone here plans to hold or buy or sell Fiverr stock and what your outlook is on Fiverr’s success long term given the large service fees. I think a $5 order is now $8 with tax
  2. Go to the resolution center and send your buyer a request. They can accept it and give you more time on the order.
  3. If you wanna prevent a seller or buyer from using an idea in the future, sign a Non-Disclosure agreement regarding the idea before the order if it matters that much. It’s impractical to just erase messages and records! In the very very unlikely case they use your idea and become big, sue them once you find out they violated your contract.
  4. I can’t work on this project. Good day. Simple
  5. True. I think Fiverr should remove reviews where the buyer threatens the seller in the order page for cancellation, when the seller rejects their cancellation request.
  6. Why doesn’t Fiverr offer a partial refund feature? We really need something like this to refund buyers who change their mind on a gig extra, or for various other reasons. Do any of you guys see the need for something like this?
  7. It’s not at all worth your time and effort to do this as the work outweighs any minimal benefits of this. Response Rate only measures how many messages you reply to within 24 hours. So there’s no need to follow an awkward sleep pattern. Just respond when you are awake at some time in the day. Also, having a 1 hour response time doesn’t really do much for you. 2-5 hours is acceptable for most people. Also, turning out of office hurts your business even more because you go off of the search temporarily, losing sales and customers that could have contacted you. You might as well have been online and responded within 24 hours (that’s 1 whole day); Stop hurting your health and business.
  8. Who’s gonna pay 30 or 60 dollars for these amateur designs when I can get a decent or good logo designer on Fiverr with tons of experience to make a personlized one for me with all source files and resources included…it doesn’t make sense and it looks like fiverr is trying to lose money. Why is Fiverr trying to make useless add-ons when they can focus on other improvements that will actually help the community? 😦
  9. I agree with you, especially in the video animation service category which I’m in. Animated videos just don’t work if they’re cheaply made. In the voice-over category, however, I’ve been able to find some great talent that my buyers love for just 5 dollars/roughly a minute of voiceover. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. 🙂
  10. I’m afraid that this means you no longer have an order with this seller. When an order is over 3-days late, it is automatically cancelled by Fiverr. When that happens, your funds are credited to you as Fiverr credit. There is no way this can not be the case. It might be the case that your seller sent a further message asking you to extend the deadline on you order, but you missed it. - Either this or something went wrong on their end. (Messages do go missing on Fiverr occasionally.) Your order will have canceled automatically if it was still late by the 9th. This means that your seller did not get paid (and can’t get paid) anything. They may be ignoring you, as they might feel like they put in a lot of work for nothing and now don’t want to hear from you again. Of course, there is a problem with communication here. However, your seller does stop responding at exactly the same time that your order would have been automatically canceled. As a buyer, you will need to now click on the order page and see what it says there. - And check your shopping balance. Orders don’t cancel after being 3 days late, I’ve had an order that was almost 30 days late and it did not get auto-cancelled…
  11. Wait so Fiverr protects sellers againsts chargebacks and refunds you if it happens?
  12. This is crazy! I have delivered all my orders on-time bur fiverr has rolled out this new thing where it shows your stats on your gig page. On my gig page, the stats are incorrect! It says that I deliver 90% of my recent orders on-time, but that’s not true! I have delivered all orders on time, just look:
  13. You can’t search buyer usernames, the user has to be a seller for you to find their username in the search bar. However, you can look at a buyer’s account if you click on their username directly from your inbox.
  14. Check out the following: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/chargebacks-and-seller-protection No that’s only for fraud chargebacks (when the buyer is scamming you and tells their credit card company to refund the order) even after you completed the order. That article does not talk about cancellations, which occur within Fiverr when the buyer wants to cancel within Fiverr before the order is completed. Cancellations and chargebacks are different.
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