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  1. Just wondering if anyone here plans to hold or buy or sell Fiverr stock and what your outlook is on Fiverr’s success long term given the large service fees. I think a $5 order is now $8 with tax
  2. Are these explainer videos for your gigs or your clients? I never buy anything for my clients. They know that VO, graphic design, video editing, are done by other people. I just provide a word document. Of course, if you sell videos and people are paying you for VO, I understand you would buy that. However, it might be easier for your clients to hire the VO artists on their own, and then hire you when they have the mp3. Well, my gig is all-inclusive so it’s supposed to be included in the cost but it’s still frustrating that I have to pay 7 dollars when I have only budgeted for $5. I will be raising my prices when I get a chance. If my clients by the vo, it will be hard for them to communicate with the vo because they may not know the particular pace and tone the voiceover should voice it at. (if it’s too fast or slow, it will be hard to make a video).
  3. But it’s not too bad for those who sell expensive orders…over $20. My orders are for over $100…but it’s frustrating now when I have to buy a voiceover for my explainer videos.
  4. And you know what’s even more ridiculous? If you use Fiverr as a buyer and a seller, you have to sell to five dollar gigs to buy one five dollar gig. It’s very weird… $4 * 2 = $8 (after fiverr takes commision/order). And each order costs $7 regardless. SO I guess your left with $1 - something you can definitely do a lot with in today’s world. I was just thinking about this earlier on in the day…and was wondering how dumb it was.
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