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  1. Maybe they don't like your work. So update your skills and create new sample work.
  2. Learn from your past work. Don't worry about your review. This review upgrades you to your next job.
  3. You only can share your gig my fiver gig category. You are new in fiver. so take your time to learn and research about fiver. When you understand how fiver works for sellers, you will receive orders.
  4. You can only share your Gig My Fiver Gig category.
  5. Don't delect gig. This affects your account. You can pause your gig at this moment. You can also convert your gig into a subcategory of your category and edit your gig.
  6. The buyer gives reviews based on your entire presentation and work. So you always try to impress your customers through proper communication and give them the best service.
  7. The rank system is the same for new and old sellers. If you want to rank your gig you need to make your gig properly seo and professional gig. You also need update your work and communication skills
  8. First you have to decide what kind of category you want to work in such as data entry or WordPress web developing. Then you update your skills to what you want to work on. Finally you focus on your gig presentation.
  9. You made your gig in just two days. So you take the time to get impressions, clicks and orders.
  10. Update your gig, follow your other competitors, create professional buyer requests.
  11. Properly SEO the title of your gig, create mind blowing descriptions, choose the perfect tag, stay active online and always learn from the Fiber Forum.
  12. Thank you for the details of the buyer's request. This helps many sellers who do not know how to send buyer requests.
  13. Always the new seller thinks about how they will gain the trust of the buyer and deliver the best. But sometimes sellers get in trouble by their buyers. They do not know what to do. Thanks for sharing your experience it will help new sellers who are not aware of it.
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