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Low impression for 1-star review. What is the solution?


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I have been working on Fiverr since 2021 and trying to work very attentively to the satisfaction of the buyer. But last month unfortunately I received a 1-star review. After the buyer left his review I contacted Fiverr customer support and explained. After reviewing my gig impression is going down. I am staying active on Fiverr. Now impression of my gig is very low. I don't get any orders. What is the solution? 

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22 hours ago, bokiiii said:

Send coupons to old buyers

You can only send coupons if you are a member of "Seller Plus" and use the coupons they provide. Any homegrown coupons or direct messages sent to former buyers would be considered spam, and could very possibly get your account a warning or banned. 

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