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  1. I have a bunch of work that I want to display on my profile portfolio. is it necessary to ask the client first or should I just upload that work without asking them, will I be violating any rules if I upload without asking them? Please guide me about this, thanks
  2. Can you explain how to do it? Where can I get the link and will the buyer be charged some % like a normal buyer?
  3. Do Nothing, Never ask them to give feedback or something like that. Fiver does it for you and notifies them again and again to give feedback. If they don't give feedback it's their own choice. Never ask them to give feedback, it's not allowed.
  4. yeah, I reported that message before contacting support, I don't want to disturb CS now, if that buyer cannot contact me I am fine with that no worries. CS has a lot of things to do
  5. Everything went fine, buyer accepted the delivery and also gave me 5-star feedback, also I informed the situation to Customer support and they told me that I did right. Everything has been fine till now, but when I go the message of that buyer, it shows that the buyer is no longer able to be contacted but the buyer is shown online. I think that the buyer can no longer message me.
  6. The buyer just asked for a revision and I completed it. Let see what happens next
  7. So today a buyer message me and after sharing the details of the work, the buyer sent the phone number, I warned them politely that it was against the rules (the buyer was new, and it's not happening the first time ) and the buyer understood that he had done wrong and asked me to help him as its first time there, I send the link of Fiver TOS to read it first. Previously in the same situation with the new buyer, I did the same and messaged them that it was against the rules. Also opened the ticket to make CS know what happened. CS told me that I did right by warning the buyer but I should keep on reporting us if it happens again. This time I reported the buyer from chat and also opened a ticket. But now when I delivered the order a few minutes ago, the buyer was banned or restricted (I got it confirmed when I opened that chat area of the buyer there was only an option to chat on the order page and not on the message. After it, I checked their profile which was also not showing it kept redirected to my dashboard. so it's confirmed buyer got banned/ may be temporary). Now what's for me, what will happen to the order that I delivered? AM I SAFE? because I didn't do anything wrong and also warned the buyer immediately when they send their number.
  8. Should I open a ticket and inform toCS? Or is it not required?
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