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  1. I really agree with your thinking and appreciate it. From my real life experience I can say that the buyers who behaved very friendly with me I was mentally free on their projects and the output was great. But the buyers who left me in a mentally pressure able situation I couldn't be able to my best on their projects. You have talked about a very important point. Thanks for your nice thinking and wish you all the best!
  2. You are absolutely right! Thanks for the valuable information!
  3. I think if you have any suggestion for him you can give which would be helpful for him. Criticizing him won't help him. So if possible please help him at least don't criticize him.
  4. If I am correct your gig is okay, but not not eye-catching enough because of the gig image. You also haven't used 3 images for the gig. Description is good but the image but I think there is a lacking with the image. Try to search other seller's gigs who are selling well. Then compare your gig with others. Hope you'll understand what you'll need to do. Also follow the other persons suggestions to get the order. I just talked about the gig image of your gig.
  5. To write a good gig description you don't need to be a writer or an expert but you have to understand what would you expect if you were a buyer of your own gig. Confused! Okay, let me make it easier for you. For example, you are a restaurant owner and looking for a logo for your brand. Now you start searching for a seller on Fiverr. Then visited many gigs and got interested in a seller's gig by reading his gig description. It was just an example. Now think of yourself as a buyer of your category and go to Fiverr search. Start searching gigs of your category and visit the good seller's gigs I mean who are selling well. Then read their gig description. Visit gigs as much as you can. Hope you'll get an idea of what should you write in your gig description. Now start writing your gig description and note that don't copy someone else's description. Hope you will be able to write a good gig description. Follow these steps to write a good gig description: At least take 2 to 3 days to get inspiration from other seller's gigs. Then write your gig description on a notepad. While writing your gig description must avoid grammatical mistakes. Write your offers and limitations clearly in your description. Avoid irrelevant sentences. Try to give some attractive and unique offers that aren't in the other seller's gig description. For example: On my gig, I have given " lifetime after-sales service for the premium users ". Hope you will do a great job. All the best!
  6. You are right!! But from my experience, right keyword you should put on your gig title. You gig will appear on the search based on the title. Others are not so important as the title is. I have experimented many times with my gig based on this issue. And finally, found that title is the key thing for gigs for coming fiverr search.
  7. Welcome to the biggest platform!
  8. Welcome to the biggest platform!! Hope you will do the great. All the best!
  9. Same experience I had while I participated for the contests. Won 2 contest and was selected as a finalist for 5 times. But during that time I was mentally so frustrated and unhappy. But here at fiverr I am so happy now.
  10. The best opportunity at Fiverr I think the gig-based service. I mean Fiverr lets you think of yourself as a seller/businessman. You will display your product or service and buyer will buy your service. I mean this platform is like a shop. On the other hand, if you work on other marketplaces you'll have to bid for a project and there will be many others like you. As a result, it will be so tough for you to win the bid and you'll get frustrated. So, overall Fiverr is best for the newcomers and also for the senior sellers.
  11. Under my subcategory "Landing page design" the repeat business score isn't available yet. Will it be available in the future?
  12. So sad to hear that. Try to do marketing on social media like Instagram, Twitter, linked in. These three platforms are great to get new buyers. If possible see YouTube tutorial about the gig marketing on social media. Hope your gig will perform well. All the best!
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