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  1. I really agree with your thinking and appreciate it. From my real life experience I can say that the buyers who behaved very friendly with me I was mentally free on their projects and the output was great. But the buyers who left me in a mentally pressure able situation I couldn't be able to my best on their projects. You have talked about a very important point. Thanks for your nice thinking and wish you all the best!
  2. You are absolutely right! Thanks for the valuable information!
  3. I think if you have any suggestion for him you can give which would be helpful for him. Criticizing him won't help him. So if possible please help him at least don't criticize him.
  4. If I am correct your gig is okay, but not not eye-catching enough because of the gig image. You also haven't used 3 images for the gig. Description is good but the image but I think there is a lacking with the image. Try to search other seller's gigs who are selling well. Then compare your gig with others. Hope you'll understand what you'll need to do. Also follow the other persons suggestions to get the order. I just talked about the gig image of your gig.
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