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  1. This is really helpful. once again thank you so much.
  2. Once again, Congrats and best wishes for you. 💗
  3. I came here long time ago, But I'm part-time working here because I'm student and Programming enthusiastic and you know this a freelance platform. But in the last 3 months I got many orders with my new skills and finally got Level One. 😇 I wish I could do better in the future. 🤘
  4. no! no need active in 24 hours. you are a human and not a robot.
  5. Wow, That's great 😍 best wishes for you.
  6. Has done the same post twice more and same time... This is not spamming platform.
  7. I checked your gig. Not good at all and you have to do better gig images and descriptions.
  8. Third-party extension, Fiverr doesn't like it. and You are not a ROBOT, So why you want to active always here?
  9. great. that's a good idea. Thanks buddy.
  10. In the understand the work of the client's, If I use google meet link, what could be the problem? I am a web developer, it is very important to speak directly for tasks.
  11. Today I have fulfilled the Level One condition. 😇 On September 15, 2021, will I be a level one seller??
  12. shaamim

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    Technically Nothing 🌚.
  13. Because you have not received any message or knock in 60 days.
  14. It is their wish or maybe they not interested.
  15. I think so and it will be very helpful for both buyer and seller.
  16. Gigs ranking and 24 hours active there are two different thing. First of all you have to need sleep 💤. and second thing create your gig properly and elegant and it's must rank search result and try to active Fiverr on your working hour.
  17. Hey, Harutmelkonyan! Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Best of luck and Congratulation for your first order completed.
  18. Just one advice for you, research competitor gigs then edit gigs also try to better overall gigs all information.
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