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  1. This is the reason why we should not communicate and deal outside fiverr with sellers i knew this scam from start i just wanted to share this awareness so none of us fall for this trap.
  2. I keep getting buyers who simply say hello and nothing else. I check the profile and it says they're in the United States but their local time says they are not. I also see the notification from Fiverr saying it's night where they are. Is anyone else getting this and what do you do about it? I also get buyers who absolutely do not have tasks that fit what I do.
  3. I am a web designer. Today I sent a buyer request. I was contacted by three buyers. All three had the same message. They were asking me to contact them on gmail. When I contacted Gmail, their message was the one I attached. This has happened to me before and that was the message they sent. I don't understand what it is. If there is a scam, how to report it?
  4. - They post a budget and delivery time that may actually sound realistic 😉 (yes, it happens that real buyers do that, but not all too often; this point is written half as a joke, for people who aren't beginners, yet read this topic, and it's very possible that you find a BR with a realistic sounding budget and delivery time that is not by a "fake buyer". However, I see realistic seeming or even "unnaturally high" (for here) budgets often as part of the tactic of scammers, and if one of the following points also applies, watch out! And even if none of the following points applies, it pains me to tell you, such BRs will often lead to one of those points applying once they contact you in your message box after you sent an offer. It's sad how many scammers are out there to get you. Try to not be scammed!) - They make claims that are supposed to make you think they are a big agency/company but - ask you to contact them off-Fiverr (not allowed anyway!!!!! Even if a "non-fake buyer"!!!!! Read the ToS!!!!!) ... especially on a gmail or telegram or similar contact address. An actual agency/company that "covers North America’s complete corporate ... needs from our offices in ..., ..., ..., and our project management centre in ..." doesn't operate on basis of a Gmail or telegram address - trust me, it's a scam - blabber about something like a "guarantee levy fee which is refundable if you meet up our project or jobs" - trust me, it's a scam - can't decide how to spell their own fake name, ask you, for example, to "contact: Frederic Doe", but give the email as federicdoe123 @ gmail.com (sure, typos happen, but come on, big agency that covers North America's complete corporate needs..., and, again, they do not use such email addresses) *The quoted bits above are taken from an actual BR I saw today (indlucing the name/gmail thing, in general, I just changed the name and numbers in the gmail address, yep, there even were numbers...), I didn't make that up, as hard as that may be to believe for some of you (unless you regularly scroll BRs, I guess...). To the others: Don't be fooled at least by such obvious scams! Unfortunately, even some BRs like that, with gmail address and all, somehow manage to pass the BR gates, and there's no report function in BR, so caring fellow sellers who see through such things right away, can't "save you" by reporting such BRs and "taking them off the market" quickly. You need to save yourselves. Read Fiverr's terms to not do anything that might cost you your account and/or get you scammed, like replying to someone via Gmail or telegram instead via Fiverr, and think before you act. Don't fall victim to people who unscrupulously prey on the naive and desperate. Read the signs.
  5. Hello everyone, I am a new Fiverr Seller, and I just created my first Gig yesterday. After a couple of hours or so, I received a message from a shady account telling me about a mind-boggling opportunity to work as a typist and make some EASY money; however, I immediately questioned the genuineness of the person contacting me. I mean, money does not come and knock on your door that easy! right? The first thing I did was to look online for similar cases and stories, and surely I found a lot. At this point, I was 100% sure it was a scam, and little did I know, that message was NOT the last one I will get of a similar type, not even intermittently or something; I have received like 15 messages so far (one while writing this very thread). Given that I know this is absolutely a scam, my question is why are they doing it and what do they aim for? and What is so special about Telegram that makes it the "abode of scammers"? Thank you,
  6. Hey! 🙂 i just delivered an order to one of my buyer last day, it was all good, the buyer left me a five star review on my gig, then 10 hours later i got a notification in the Fiverr mobile app which says “Fiverr customer support is cancelled the order, and the funds will be returned to the buyer”. I contacted the buyer after this, he sent me this 3 screenshot(attached) : his Fiverr account got disabled(probably forever), also he told me he did not asked for refund and he Still dont know What happened. So i delivered the product to the buyer, he got it in time and he was Happy with it, but i lost the money.. so Its like i worked hard free for him. I had like 3 other buyers from the same gig and none of them was disabled or anything. What do you guys think What happened? Other thing i want to ask is : will he be able to get his funds back in 90 days to his credit card? Or not?
  7. Hey there, I will try to keep this civil even though that issue has been making my blood boil and I am usually as calm as it gets. I have been using Fiverr over a year, I have 43 completed gigs and my rating has been 5 stars all the way, I always go above and beyond to make sure my clients are happy with the services I provide ( 3D art ). I always follow the rules, remind people that I cannot take payments out of Fiverr, use materials I own the commercial rights to etc. Recently I had this client that came in and wanted me to work "his way". That meant that he had no clear idea of what the piece was, but that through lots of back and forth we would get to create the piece. I will skip the hell that this has put me through, I just bought that bullet and learned that I should have communicated better on that. After 50 hours of work we finally got to the final version. I deliver the files that were agreed to. Now instead of closing the gig, he asked me for the 3D source files of the project. Until that point we had never agreed to me sharing these files if I were to finalize the gig. I tend to not share them as they contain all of my workflow, and if I do I charge 25% of the gig. But because I refused to deliver them right there and now with the final piece, he reported my account, and to my ( burnt out ) minds surprise, Fiverr immediately gave him reason. 50 hours of work, unpaid, my account freezes and I cannot message people. It has been 5 days and no one in the support is getting back to me. I have very clear proofs that the situation happened as I am explaining it, everything is written in our messages. How do I proceed to fix this mess ? Again this has been over a year of work playing by the rules and getting treated that way has been really rough. If anyone has been in a similar situation feel free to share. Thanks.
  8. Hello All I'm Saiful from Indonesia and I joined Fiverr in 2017 but I was "hibernated" for so long and back again just a few months ago. What made me so amazed was why so many scammers on Fiverr now (or is this just happening to me?) I'm very thankful to the Fiverr moderator (or maybe an automatic algorithmic system that blocks that fake client) before they can reach (just poor workers like me) out and waste time even worse our cents. Have the same experiences? Share with us here 😉 Many thanks and have a nice day Bro & Sis... Info: All their identities are fake as you know if IP addresses and real locations can be mocked as simple as write abc
  9. A buyer refunded an order that was completed once, and since then the orders pending don't go into my fiverr wallet but go into the "cancelled" orders tab, even if the order is completed and the buyer paid. is there something I can do about it or did I just work for free and there's no way I can get the money? Here are 3 orders, the one that got cancelled and two others that are completed but considered cancelled after the first one.
  10. Is it possible for a buyer to cancel your order as a seller AFTER you delivered the product? I'm afraid of the possibility that some people would take the delivery then try to cancel it to get it for free. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you handle the situation? I do video editing for YouTube and I thought maybe of adding a watermark on the video when I show the customer how the final product would look but that I'd remove the watermark upon delivery if they're content with it.
  11. I'm pretty new so I have this one question that came to mind. Has anyone dealt with a buyer that was satisfied with the order but managed to cancel after the delivery? My question is if you made a perfecf product or whatever your gig may be, if the buyer agreed to it but after the delivery they try to cancel the order to get it for free, how would you deal with that?
  12. Hey, Has anyone else been contacted by a buyer looking to purchase a very sceptical pop-up ad? I'm 99.9% sure this will be used to scam old people over the phone out of their retirement. My question is, as a fiverr seller, what do you think about buyers like this? Would you complete this order, or do we have a moral obligation to refuse? screen-20220320-015500_2.mp4
  13. A user said they'd make a game for me for $5, but now they are asking me to pay $100 extra. I cannot afford this, and I have told them that multiple times. They said we should cancel the order, so I sent a cancellation request, and they declined, then I sent another request, and they declined again. What do I do?
  14. I was given an order for 80$ which I had to complete in 2 weeks. The buyer sent me his creative brief and gave me details about the order. I tried to reach out to him to ask some questions about 2 of the shots I had to make but he did not respond. I completed the order and waited for his response to my questions but he did not come online. I delivered the order but he opened a dispute a day after the delivery date requesting cancellation of the order because " The quality of the work I received was poor". I followed his instructions exactly and even sent the final order but he is refusing to pay me.
  15. Hello - i ordered an nft project from xxxxxx is in october. i asked him to make 100 nfts with a 1 month deadline. he sent me 20 nfts that looked amazing and told me the order would take longer than expected. he told me i would need to mark the order as completed and that he would complete my order if i gave him another month. so i waited another month and he further kept bouncing back excuses why he couldnt get to my order and that he needed time.. its now January and everything i did for this nft project has pretty much crumbled because he was taking too long and kept giving me excuses as to why he couldnt get to my order. i asked him to refund my purchase for the net that he did and what was remaining to be fair but instead he BLOCKED ME! it says he is no longer accepting messages at this time... what should i do!? because this i spent alot of money that he scammed out of! i also have pictures of our conversation...
  16. A returning buyer placed an order for two articles. After the order was delivered, it was automatically marked as complete. A couple of days before the money was supposed to be cleared, the buyer contacted me saying they were dissapointed with the work. I offered to rewrite any parts of the articles they didn't like but they denied that and cancelled the order. Right now, I can see that even though they canceled the order, they posted one of the articles on their blog. Is there anything I can do about it? I offer option for 500 words articles and 1000 words articles, and they chose the option for an 1000 world article but they specified within that order that they would need 2 500 words articles on different topics . They still haven't published the second article as of now, but I'm sure they will be doing so.
  17. New type of scam, i will explain it simply. and this can cause your seller account blocked if you get this 3x in a week or month. after this chat of being afraid of additional payments, the buyer "mistakenly" pressed complete instead of revision, i have made it clear to press revision, i don't know why he press complete. but fine, i will keep working and send it through email and chat. (first picture of message) after that i sent the work through wetransfer.com for big files. it was NFT animations, 3 scenes, 2 characters, full background, for only $55 super cheap and fast, please see gmail screenshot, cyber botan also has downloaded the files. soon, he reported to fiverr he was tricked for completing the order when the file is not complete. of course, the job wasn't done right there, and i have sent it through wetransfer.com, he has the file, but HE REPORTED THE FILE IS NOT COMPLETE Now who is fiverr gonna trust? the buyer ofcourse. in just a few chats with no solution, the fiverr team decided it is my mistake, cancelled the order, and sent the money back to buyer, left me a warning. Summary, 1. i got an order 2. buyer pressed complete mistaking it for revision 3. buyer got his files from gmail or other platform 4. buyer reported i scammed him, misusing complete button, and not sending full files. 5. fiverr will give you warning, take your money back, and ur left alone in this cold world. Last screenshot is Pavel from supports. He replied just almost the same with everyone. He was the third person i talked too, first was named Uro i believe. they doesn't care if the buyer is the one who pressed complete, like, how can i press complete it's on the buyer's side ?? but yeah, soon after that reply, order cancelled, buyer get the money back, and his file delivery from wetransfer.com through email, and i get nothing but a warning, which the third one will get me banned. thank you soooo much thank you, i hope this is clear enough, i hope this does not happen to you guys. fiverr help will also don't care about this situation apparently.. i have contacted them multiple times. God bless you all. fiverr : anofritz3D, if i am gone within few days, acknowledge how dangerous this scam is, and i hope you all are safe.
  18. Fiverr included this sweet feature called quick responses which are essentially pre-made messages that you can send to a potential buyer. Fiverr allows you to save quick responses along with a title so that you can select the best response possible for a buyer. Since we are living in the age of AI, bots, and automated responses buyers may think these Fiverr quick responses are impersonal, cold, and robotized. But trust me most of the Fiverr top-rated sellers are using this amazing innovation that Fiverr has added and became successful too. 🏆When you are delivering an order to the buyer Hello thushanxeno Thank you for your order and for providing the necessary instructions to do your project. I am glad to say I have completed your project as per your requirements. Please note that if you have any modifications regarding your project don't hesitate to contact me. I am ready to do the necessary modifications for you. if you believe the work I have done is perfect you can complete the order. Please don't forget to share your experience by leaving feedback for me which is really important for me to improve my service and to my freelancing career as well. I am looking forward to working with you again. Best Regards thushanxeno
  19. Hello, I had given an order of Affiliate link promotion last week, and he completed the promised clicks, so I got excited and accepted the work. But then in my link tracker, I found out that all the clicks came from same device, which means those are bot clicks. Can I now cancel the order and get the refund?
  20. What to do as a seller if the buyer cheats after placing an order?
  21. 2 people ask me to contact with their e-mail and become no longer contactable on fiverr. Why they do that ? Commission fee is the only thing that comes in my mind by I feel uneasy about this? Should I respond them via e-mail ? Could it be a type of scam ?
  22. I found 3 Scammer , They are asking to use our personal Detail to complete thier Projects, They are targetting Indian as Fair Trader Dealer ? Wants to report them. Help @support
  23. Hello! Sorry if I sound like a newbie, it's because I am one and I don't want to be scammed. I had sent an offer for a buyer request to retype a document and I got a message asking me to write them on WhatsApp. The weird thing is, the "person" I messaged on WhatsApp didn't seem to be an actual person. They couldn't answer my questions and just continued with their chatting program. They also asked for my experience but instead I asked if I understood the job correctly, to which they just replied "That's great" and asked me if it's okay to send a paid test article. I clarified what I offer and they just sent the file. No viruses, I opened and it looks legit - the company seems legit, but how do I know if these two people I chatted with are actually affiliated to this company? Turns out it does match to what I'm offering, it's just on a larger scale I guess. Another thing I'm unsure about is that there's a security fee I have to pay and that can only be refunded if I finish the assignment. If it's legit I will be serious about this, but if they're not even from that company I won't get my money back. It's also weird to me that in the PDF file with the information they talk about a demo video that I need to watch first and that someone was supposed to send me, but nobody sent me one. Is that another sign these people are not actually with this company? Also, there are typos in the PDF file. Red flag for me at least. The pay is very good, maybe too good for a first job. And I don't know if that's normal, but the amount of pages on each project I can choose have an even (?) / specific number of pages. 25, 50, 75 and 100. I mean, wouldn't each project have a more random number of pages? Like 23, 48, 78 etc.? It's so calculated. Anyways, I should probably ask them to prove that they're actually part of this company. Other than that, what do you think?
  24. As a seller, we always look for work and opportunities. This is especially true for new sellers. Things don't always go as we'd like. And sometimes we sellers get desperate and there are some buyers who take this advantage. I have worked with really good buyers and person in general, and had bad experience as well. I want to share one such experience. I used to be content writer and came to fiverr on that service. I came across a buyer request with a list of like 10 topics, and I sent an offer. The person responded the next day and asked me about my experience. I told him. Then he said he needs this 10 articles and like 50 more in near future. But since my fiverr profile is new, I needed to earn his trust. And for that, he asked me to write on one of the topics. If he liked it, he'd order for the 10 and later on, for all 50. Me, desperately looking for work, agreed, and wrote the article and sent that. I never got a response from him again. The very next day, when I was going through the buyer requests, I saw the same buyer with a similar buyer request with a list of work. And when I verified the list with the previous one, sure enough, 5/6 were the same topic with a few new ones(the one I wrote on was missing). I texted him asking if he liked my article or not. But he never responded again. My thought on this is, he actually used my article. And there were a few other sellers who did the same as me. Thus the buyer got like half of his work done for free. Now, I am not 100% certain that it was the case, but it appears to be so. My point is, don't work for free under any situation. It's true that the buyers will need to verify your skill. And you will need to earn their trust. Share your past works and similar services that you did for someone else. But don't work for someone you don’t know. If you work for free, not only you are getting scammed, but also you are ruining a potential job either for you or for some else. Be careful and think before you do something no matter how desperate the situation is. Take a look at buyers profile. See the number and frequency of reviews as a buyer. Trust your logics and if there's not enough, trust your guts. Take care!
  25. Hi guys, many buyers ask me to change names, dates or photos in id or other types of documents, I do not do it for professional ethics but I would like to know if there is the possibility to report these buyers to be banned, otherwise they will find sellers who will do the work and these people will be able to scam people who will receive the photoshopped documents.
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