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  1. welcome @elizabethkauff greetings from @vivi123
  2. @m_bilal1998 why ? send an e mail to fiverr support… @vivi123
  3. @vernicadazbu106 mee tooo !!! bienvenida !!! saludos !! @vivi123
  4. the algoritm of the searching, is changing… or also you have more competitors… @vivi123
  5. go to the help forum of fiverr, I sugest use paypal… @vivi123
  6. @yogevsharabi dont work for complicated people… Is a big problem… just my humble opinion… @vivi123
  7. @drthanina in my expericne not help… but is my experience… greeting @vivi123
  8. @donimal3d I have the same problem… why ??? greeting from @vivi123
  9. welcome to giverr !! good luck !! saludos !! @vivi123
  10. try to promote your gig on social network, and good luck !! greeting from @vivi123
  11. What you did to be in 1st page? is easy ? is using seo and kw ? or what is the secret ? greeting from @vivi123
  12. go to the help page on fiverr and also try to see the statistics and what you need, to improive, like mroe customers, more earnings, etc… @vivi123
  13. welcome !! and good luck !! greeting from @vivi123
  14. some people had bad experience with gig promotion… I want to know other people who has good experience… greeting from @vivi123
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