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  1. try to promote on social network to rank again..
  2. Hello, and thnak for your coment, When I start fiver, was 12 yeas ago, and I cant delivery on time 1 gig. Now, I want to recover my gig and start to sell again. Tell me what I have to do to recover and rank again. Thank you so much and happy new year !!
  3. I will Make your tips today, and the next week i will tell you if something changed, in special if i increase my very low impression, just 2 per day and if i get an order.. Happy new year and thanks !!
  4. I will try to so your adivece, but i dident rank, i tryed all but stil not orders !
  5. some people had bad experience with gig promotion… I want to know other people who has good experience… greeting from @vivi123
  6. Agreed, but I’m more worried about the false positives if you’d do that - it can turn ugly and enter the discriminatory area 😉 is a big risk do that, is jsut my opinon…
  7. how much impresion and click do you have? you dident get any orders?
  8. Try to talk with the seller, what happen, some people offer a basic service for $5 but, premium service for more, could happen that you choose premiun service…
  9. how you can find order in this forum ?? 🤨
  10. So start reading that. How is work the algorythm ?? how i can be in the first page ??
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