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  1. Sorry and I have the promote option and I can't promote them , confused about their algorithm.
  2. thank you for your reply. It was supposed to be 1 month I lost all rank. I just changed tags yesterday, I'm not able to find my gig even search by title. Would I wait ? Please advice from your experience. Thanks
  3. hi i hope you are well. suddenly my all gig lost their rank, no impression,click and view. could you someone know the reason and how i get my rank bank? thank you
  4. then this is the reason, you have to wait
  5. As i mentioned, from my experience feedback Won’t help you more. Wait…and sending b.r.
  6. Did you edited? If that nothing can do c s.you have to be patience
  7. You have to wait then, and try sending buyer request. Otherwise no way to get rank
  8. it will promote today or tomorrow … you would wait…
  9. Why promoted gig have no impression, click?
  10. Impression & clicks from ads counted separately, If any of your gig is selected to run an ad you may have a $10 gift from Fiverr. I would recommend you to try it. hi… i hope you are well . my two gig is promoted about 15 days ago but they have not any impression, clicks. could you please tell me why? thanks
  11. my gig is active but know progress even two my gig is promoted but there also no progress…please advice…
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