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  1. Thankyou for replying, But this is just a Portfolio. As i’m showing my client that i can convert there Logos into NEON look. and that all are professionally converted by me so there is no chance of copy right. and lots of people are using there Pepsi, Coca cola, and Amazon, Tesla other big brands logos as here showcase. That’s not reason. As fiverr TOS, we should focus on our own work. or Copyright free work. If that makes a sense?
  2. Just Re-update the Tags, And try to deliver asap.
  3. Did you have your gig move up in rank? Yes its again on the same position. 🙂
  4. Everything is Solved for me, Just Update the tags, And update your gig weekly basic 🙂
  5. As i Got Many, Similar Topics About New Sellers, As my account is concern, I’m On Fiverr Since 2016, And now on this 15th i will be eligible for Level 2 Seller, In Past 2 months I spend my maximum time on Fiverr, But Suddenly It happens with my gig, It dropped to last page. If it would be only one gig? than its Ok, My almost all gigs Dropped to the Last page. And i don’t know what to do now? My whole income was reliable on this. Any Answer? or solution NOTE : No bad rating, Almost 150+ 5star ratings, No recent cancellation.
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