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  1. Do you have any data to support it? I understand it sort of makes sense, but it doesn’t necessarily makes it true. I am not claiming that the opposite is true either, but that seems to be the whole base of your advice, so there should be something sufficient to back it up. Personally I didn’t notice buyers being absent at that time. Nearly all of my most frequent regulars placed atleast one order during the holidays. Impressions on my best seller nearly doubled on Christmas. It might be a coincidence, it might be caused by some edits I made, but it also might be caused by many sellers being “out of office”, meaning less competition. If the latter would turn out to be true, the holidays could be potentially the best time to launch one’s new gig.
  2. I’m in a completely different category, so this reply might not be relevant to your situation. But recently I contacted customer support with a somewhat similar question. Basically it was also a question about delivering something outside Fiverr for buyer’s convenience and exchanging contact information to do so, because that’s the way a buyer has their workflow set up. The short answer was “no”. If it is deliverable within Fiverr’s system, it must stay within fiverr’s system. However in your situation, if it doesn’t have to include any contact exchange, you might have better chances to get a permission. Uploading things to buyer’s site might also pass as part of the job. In any case, I would make an additional recording of the voice over to deliver it as files within fiverr (I’m assuing you can do it simultaneously in one way or another, even if it is a screen recording). That is a proof of work completed and an additional copy of the files for the buyer in case they will need it a few months/years later.
  3. In addition to what is said above, if it is absolutely crucial for you that the art does not show up even in the meantime while you wait for customer support to step in and remove it (it might take a few days), you can kindly ask the seller to temporarily hide their whole portfolio. Keep in mind however, that they have the right to refuse as this could be potentially damaging to to their workflow, since portfolio is very important for artists and pausing it can be akin to putting their whole career on hold.
  4. I think your answer might be somewhere within USD/CAD ratio and different currencies displayed on order page and your earnings page. 85USD would be about 109 CAD (perhaps that’s what your buyer paid?). There are no financial penalties for being late.
  5. That doesn’t seem to be a misconception. The only difference between the orders in this screenshot is that the $129 order was the only order automatically marked as complete. Below you can see an order for $103 from the same buyer, for the same service in the same price range which was “manually” accepted and it has the option. 865×835 27.8 KBAnother similar order from the same buyer should get autocomplete in a couple of days, I’ll make sure to check if it have the option available.
  6. 14yo person can have their own bank account pretty much anywhere in the world with their parents permission. In most countries kids of pretty much any age can have a card given by their parents with parental control, a lot of banks offer this service. It is also legal for kids of any age pretty much anywhere to purchase things, there can be limitations on price tags though. There is nothing wrong with kids and teenagers being able to buy products and services per se, however I understand where your concern is coming from. Teenagers not always, but often can be very difficult clients as they typically have limited budgets, high expectations, lack of understanding of business interactions and are very self-concious about their image. If you feel uncomfortable working with such clients, just say no, there is nothing wrong with choosing who you want to work with. But I would get some polite excuse along the lines of “too busy at the moment”, “not a good fit for your project”, etc. to make it sound like it’s you, not them, since some people tend to get vindictive when they hear “no”.
  7. Yeah, definitely sounds like a creep attracted by your profile picture. But even if it was a genuine buyer, the ones who want to have a call over some affordable service that can be fully explained in text normally only mean a lot of headache and unnecessary revisions. If they feel they can be more articulate in voice, you can ask them to record a video or audio with their requirements and send it to you within fiverr.
  8. I don’t really feel like feasting, but I do have a large 3kg tub of cream cheese waiting to be utilized. Probably going to make a whole bunch of mousse and cheese- cakes and leave them in the freezer for future use.
  9. Try checking your spam folder, there might be a message. If there are none, it might be something worth contacting the support about.
  10. The problem with revisions having time limit is that buyers profiles are not affected by timers and often they don’t care to hurry up with their part of collaboration. Normally not out of malice, they are just unaware how harmful late deliveries can be for sellers or have other things on their mind and schedule. You would be surprised how common it is for buyers to request a revision/start an order without providing sufficient requirements or sometimes any requirements at all and then disappear for days/weeks/months. And then the seller is left with timer ticking, stressing out about their whole fiverr career being damaged. Orders are atleast somewhat protected from this by having mandatory requirements, but revisions not so much. That being said, any decent seller should be able to provide you an ETA, if you ask, and stick to it. If they intentionally provide incomplete delivery to stop the timer, I wouldn’t bother with revisions as this is clearly not someone you would want to work with. Cancel and report. If it’s a complete delivery that requires some reworking, that’s a different story. But again, with a decent seller it shouldn’t take long to redeliver and they will be clear on when you can expect your order to be ready.
  11. If you did that with buyers you currently have ongoing orders with, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you send messages to all your buyers from the past, some of them might rightfully see it as spam and report you. Avoid contacting people, if you have no business to discuss, buyers should be the ones initiating conversations in most cases. Also one of your reviews suggests that you’re breaking quite a few rules, so it might be a good idea to read the ToS again, since you already have one warning you now have to be very careful to avoid losing your account.
  12. Creating a new account without Fiverr’s permission would be against the ToS and might get either one or both of your accounts banned. Also having someone elses picture as your profile image is against the ToS and might get you a warning.
  13. Yep, same here. Was adressed by the name of the buyer from most recent order.
  14. I might sound like a broken record with this, but do check out Payoneer, if currency exchange is unavoidable for your country. Their exchange rates are much more tolerable. Did some math for my recent withdrawal in another similar thread and a total loss in fees was less than 1%, compared to 7-9% with PayPal. It all depends on your local regulations and your particular bank policies though, so no matter what any of us say you would have to do some researh for your specific situation.
  15. It’s just a basic percentage, but only the orders you completed within last 60 days count. So, if you completed 2 orders and cancelled one your completion rate will be 67%.
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