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  1. m working hard but may be i need to fine tune my direction thats why m here to be the best and all of the new users who have same issues when the read my post they should get something from this post and get to know how to be the best and change their life as well
  2. how to be a different then thats what i need to know
  3. and what the best we design in which client gave us a free hand are not showing on gig but on ratings section is their any other way to show these on gig
  4. we design according to clients vision not what we like
  5. i dont want orders form you just your suggestion how to do this in better way
  6. https://www.fiverr.com/nexxxt check out my profile and tell me whats wrong with it m not getting order flow one month up and one down inconsistency in order flow as its my only bread and butter so gave me some good tips
  7. just clear the cookies and restart your browser then log in again and start publishing
  8. please share the link so we get to know how market works
  9. it sound easy but its not dear what about 600+ request if you have to remove them manually what if fiverr;s fix it and just show us new requests only
  10. I see you have asked this question before and got the same answer. m still not satisfied just tell me why there is so many out dated request what the reason behind doing this whats the logic behind this scenario just a suggestion please dont show months of old request and dnt show 1000 of request just show us new requests thanks
  11. m on level one have good ratings but still outdated request why
  12. its good but doesn’t include my question’s answer
  13. i am not able to see any new requests page is full of outdated Requests…is any thing wrong with my account or whats this can u help me guys
  14. how do i verify my id the link they send me on mobile when ever i have open the it opens mobile browser and says log in to your account and the same problem with qr code as well if i open my account on mobile then my account was blocked as i open the account on other device so please help me and please fiverr give some easy way to sellers to verify its tuff im in a tension and in horrible condition how should i upload my id card pics how please help me
  15. i’m on level one but still no order no work whats the problem can anyone check my account and tell me the reason why m not getting orders https://www.fiverr.com/nexxxt?up_rollout=true
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