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  1. Hello, Initially I was working with one of the buyers. He placed order for one screen and he was satisfied with it. He continued to place the order for rest of the screens. I did the second order and submitted. (It was step 1. I was waiting for him to give me approval for Step 1 so that I can get started with Step 2) He was not there for 15days, the deadline was approaching. So I submitted the order as he was not responding to extend the delivery date and order got marked as completed. He asked me to work on the next step which I did. He asked for changes the. He could have stated these changes in Step 1. i did made the changes. He even said that he will do the rest of the things himself. Now after many days I had withdrawn the money already and he is asking for refund. I had put efforts here. Yet he is asking for refund that too after withdrawing. And I am not ready to give him refund because I had worked for it. Can he still get refund from the future orders I do?? Please let me know your opinion. Thank you
  2. You can share your gig on social media platforms. You can even turn on “promoted gig” option if your gigs are eligible.
  3. Yes. You can. But it’s not “reacting” as you see on social media latforms. It simply means you are saving that gigs under “gigs I love” category. It has nothing to do with impression.
  4. You can. But you shouldn’t have multiple accounts on the same device.
  5. Many sellers can trick the entire platform by selling their product at a low price and then ask for the tip for the rest of the amount. That’s why fiverr has this rules. I don’t think it’s wrong.
  6. Congratulations. Keep going.
  7. If you were unavailable you could have turned on the “out of office mode”.
  8. Post your gig link on social media. Try sending offers to buyers request.
  9. Share your gigs on social media. Try sending offers to buyers request which you think you are doable.
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