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  1. Yes. You are correct. We need to raise our voice against such buyers.
  2. Share your gig on social media if your gig is qualified, promote them. It will increase the impression.
  3. Hi Grazie, all the best for your journey here on fiverr
  4. Share your gig on social media platforms. That might help!
  5. recently I came across one person who texted me saying he does the same services as I do. if in case, I had some extra orders he wants them :roll_eyes: why? I mean why would I do that?
  6. Sadly in this case, they always win: they get the money and your work. Only thing that changes if you contact CS first is that the cancellation leaves no consequences for your account because is fraudulent. Yes. You are right! They won this time too?
  7. CS cancelled the order. Still my order completion rate went down.
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