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Can buyer get refund after the amount has been withdrawn?

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Initially I was working with one of the buyers. He placed order for one screen and he was satisfied with it. He continued to place the order for rest of the screens. I did the second order and submitted. (It was step 1. I was waiting for him to give me approval for Step 1 so that I can get started with Step 2) He was not there for 15days, the deadline was approaching. So I submitted the order as he was not responding to extend the delivery date and order got marked as completed. He asked me to work on the next step which I did. He asked for changes the. He could have stated these changes in Step 1. i did made the changes. He even said that he will do the rest of the things himself.  Now after many days I had withdrawn the money already and he is asking for refund. I had put efforts here. Yet he is asking for refund that too after withdrawing. And I am not ready to give him refund because I had worked for it. Can he still get refund from the future orders I do?? 

Please let me know your opinion. 
Thank you 

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Technically a buyer can seek a refund after the order completion by raising a conflict with CS (and they often comply) or even by initiating a chargeback with their bank.

Preemptively, you should inform support with proof of delivering the complete work and him being satisfied. And ask for their official advice about the situation!! This way in case buyer reaches out to them asking for refund, they would be aware of the situation. Also in certain cases, Fiverr refunds the buyer but also allows the seller to retain their earnings. 

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