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  1. As far as I know, gig impressions depend on keywords and gig quality. But why Fiverr should be more active? Does this mean there is a correlation between gig impressions and activation? If in a relationship, when will I get more impressions if I'm active?
  2. Work in such a way that clients don't leave bad reviews. Bad reviews will affect your profile. Still, if you get a bad review by mistake then you can do one thing complete some orders with 5 stars and a good review.
  3. bro. why you say no? its possible to use multiple accounts with 1 wifi.
  4. yes, you can use multiple Fiverr accounts with 1 WIFI. But you can't give the same service. If you give the same service then Fiverr ban your 2 accounts immediately.
  5. complete other client's projects very quickly with 5 stars and good review. Marketing your gig more on social media. If you don't get any good results then delete the gig and upload a new gig. Be more active.
  6. Reported to the gig without thinking about anything.
  7. Many people have said many things about what you want to know, and what I would said, they are also saying the same, so I will not repeat it again.
  8. Hey Guys, I am going to share with you today an amazing experience of mine. My regular impression of Fiverr was decreasing so I thought to give a new gig again but while giving a gig there was a gig saved in the draft but this gig was not showing on my profile and I could not give more than 7 gigs. Later I knocked on the support and they said that I have a gig saved in my draft. I told them that I don't have a gig show here, then they gave me a link to edit my saved gig. If this ever happens to you, don't worry, message Fiverr support and they will fix it thank you Fiverr team for fixing my issue very fastly.
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