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  1. Same thing happens to me. I can't see my analytics, If this is error or bugs then it's ok, and If it is new way of Fiverr to eat our money then It's horrible...
  2. Hi All Fiverrs, I just checked again now it’s perfect. Please hard refresh your page.
  3. Yes, Same Happens to me. It is completely broken. Wrong Dates,amounts and all.
  4. Ok Sure Mam. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience to get avoiding from upcoming situations.
  5. Yes, I agreed with you. That’s why I have’t done anything. I am just sending the messages to buyer but, he is just coming online and seen the messages and goes offline again.
  6. Hello Fiverrs! One Buyer Has Ordered me on 12 July and Still, he has not provided me any details and information to get the work started. It’s been almost 1 month he is not responding to the order page or my messages. He has just order and did not fill the required form. It is said Order is Incomplete for me so, the countdown has not begun. But, I am afraid of this situation what should I do now? I have checked the buyer history and activity and he is ordered to all other sellers and responding and completing the order but not just to me. Why this buyer is behaving like? I have sent too many messages and reminder to fill to Requirement form section to get the order started but he is just come online and seen my messages and went back. I am bored with this buyer, what to do now? Do you have any suggestions or solutions to get out of this situation? Thanks in Advance! Digital Drivers.
  7. Yes it is 1% not 0.1%. I hope it will help you. I used it twice.
  8. The Same thing happens with me. I am from india and level 2 seller.
  9. Yes, Mam. I am level 2 seller and I am facing same from february 15th 2019. Before February 15, 2019 My all gigs was performs better and was on the first page of the search. Then after evolution period it suddenly goes to the last page of the search. So, now is july running and It almost 4 months. I have tried do all the possible things to ranke them again but it’s not works. So, what to do in this case any idea as per your experience and as you are my senior? Looking forward to hear from you. Regards, Digital Drivers.
  10. I second that. It doesn’t affect anything if you delivered your order before the deadline. Yes, I hope so. Because I delivered my order before deadline. 🙂 Thank you for sharing knowledge.
  11. Yes! That’s what I want to hear from some experienced sellers. Thanks for information.
  12. contact customer support, i hope they will fix it for you Yes, but first of all I want to know from other sellers too! If they are facing same problem then may be We can tell to customer support.
  13. This bug is not acceptable for our sellers. As we are delivering the order on time before deadline then why it’s treating our order as LATE???
  14. Hello Fiverrs, Today I found the biggest error on fiverr.com that I have uploaded a screenshot. As you can see on the right corner it is showing 15h 13m late. But Now, let me tell you the truth. I got this order on Sunday and Order delivery time was 24 hours and I delivered the order before 24 hours and as you can see there a pink label that says ‘Delivered’. Why fiverr is treating this order as late? Why? Why? Why? Is this error or what? Have you faced this same problem before? If not then check your recent delivered order and If you found same then comment here. After Delivered the order If the customer is not coming online and not responding or not completing order then Why we accept this late label on our order??? I am requesting the fiverr team that please solve this bug/error as soon as possible. Regards, Digital Drivers.
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