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  1. hi i wanted to ask , Does running a buyer promotion effect promtoted gigs performance ? for example i just started running a buyer promotion on one of my main gig , and since i started using first time buyer promotions service i have stopped getting orders from my promoted gig service ? like its surprise but i was curious do they effect the placement of gigs or something like that ?
  2. unfortunately i have been waiting for long for this badge and now i am kind of getting frustrated seeing some of the new sellers in my category have it , but i dont have it , its kind of baffling to see when your performnace is outstanding , evertyhing is perfect , fiverr needs to make it clear and precise to sellers where they are lacking so we can improve that par
  3. @ @vickieitothanks for your detailed response i do believe to get TRS badge Buyer satisfaction score is the most key factor and my seller plus coach always keeps reminding me your score is great , your score is amazing all the other metrics we see on our profile i have outstanding performance in those as well i just failed to understand what can be the other hidden factor where i am lacking is it the certifcates or skill test ? like paid courses do they play any part in being a TRS ?
  4. hello i want to ask what is the top most thing they check when awarding TRS badge it makes me sad when i go to my category every seller in top 2 lines have a TRS badge except me What makes me even more disappointed is that those sellers have less reviews than me , those sellers have less experience than me , those sellers have more bad reviews than me , those sellers dont have as much appealing portfolio and overall profile as compared to me but still it makes me worried where i am lacking
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