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  1. Fun fact, Fiverr’s HQ is in Israel, GMT+3. We have remote offices in NYC, SF, Orlando, London and Berlin. The ticket should clarify that it’s 10am EDT.
  2. Shift your thinking. Shift your perspective. Shift your focus. Introducing our first-ever virtual event, The Shift. https___cdn.evbuc.com_images_103431814_99775822729_1_original1080×540 76 KBIn just a matter of months, everything as we know it—life, work, how we interact—has seemingly changed. As we continue navigating the ebb and flow of this new reality, business owners and entrepreneurs have been tasked with finding ways to adapt their strategies and transform digitally in order to keep business moving. Whether you’re building, expanding, or starting over again, it’s clear that operating your business for a post COVID-19 world requires a fundamental shift, and we’re here to help. Introducing, The Shift , our free virtual summit featuring skill-based workshops, discussions around future trends, networking opportunities, and resources for building and optimizing your online business. For the first time ever, our global network of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs will be able to connect and collaborate at the same event. Join us on July 9, 2020 for an all day function focused on moving your business forward. Spots are limited, save your seat today! Eventbrite Fiverr Presents: The ShiftThe Shift - our free virtual summit featuring skill-based workshops, discussions around future trends, networking opportunities, and more!
  3. Welcome to the forum! I hope you’re able to find what you need here!
  4. Hey everyone, Just spoke with our Product team and they’re still working on this. Unfortunately, it’s still going to be a few weeks. There’s a lot going on with this and if you’ve ever done any programing, when you start pulling on a thread, sometimes you find something 2 other threads that need cleaning up. Thank you again for your patience. I’ll update again once I know more.
  5. Hi Everyone, Buyers and sellers who are trying to pass viruses to an unsuspecting party is concerning. Fiverr is using advanced technology to monitor and remove threats. That being said, there are new techniques and code written all the time. Because the threat is ever changing we advise our users to take additional measures to protect themselves and their computer by applying Antivirus and never open files from unknown sources. We are constantly improving our security capabilities and will always thoroughly investigate any complaints and concerns raised by our users. If a file looks fishy and you suspect that is may be malicious, please contact support with the order number right away.
  6. Thank you everyone who applied. I’ll be reviewing each application and will update with each of you with next steps.
  7. That is a good idea. I am going to be an optimist and assume that those who are already active on the forum have read the Community Standards & Rules.
  8. It helps, yes. The more experience in the forum and engaging on posts the better.
  9. Don’t forget I was a forum moderator as well over the same “last few years”, although, I won’t go so far as to refer to myself as a “rockstar”… maybe just a traveling minstrel. 😉 You still are a rockstar @Jonbass! Sorry to have left you off!
  10. Moderators help ensure the success of your community by monitoring user activity and flagged items. This forum would not be what it is without active volunteers helping monitor and moderate conversations that happen here. Over the last few years, there have been some amazing moderators who have, and continue to volunteer their time to help ensure that this community stays on task and conversations here are helpful and civil. @wp_kid - @annai80 - @fonthaunt - @sue_mcl - @eoinfinnegan to name a few rockstars. And it’s time we add more people to help us take this community to the next level. I’d love to be able to put together a moderation coalition of many sellers (and buyers) who represent many categories, countries, time zones and view points as this represents Fiverr as a whole. While the platform (Discourse) has a lot of “self moderating” features built into it already, some human contact is always a good thing. Community members have been able to flag and report improper posts and comments. As well as the built in level system that have limits on posting. Would you be a good fit to be a moderator? You are active on the forum and have civil, helpful comments & posts.You are an active Fiverr Seller or Buyer and have an account in good standing with Fiverr.The tone of your posts are personable, helpful and welcoming.You’re able to jump in and commit to moderating 10-15 min blocks, at least 3-4 days per week.Benefits: Helping out & grow the community. The rising tide lifts all boats.“Direct” access to employees at fiverr via a Community Slack Channel.Exposure (I hate listing this as a benefit to freelancers, but it’s true)Sometimes swag & gifts (when I can get budget for it)You get to join a community of moderators!PHENOMENAL COSMIC (forum) POWERS! The application form is pretty simple. Keep in mind that we do have access to all your posts & selling history, so we will be vetting each application for both selling habits and Forum activity. I’ll keep this open until June 1st. Good luck to everyone who applies and I hope to see many applications. Feel free to check out the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 if you have questions about WHAT is moderated and if you have any questions, please post below. docs.google.com Fiverr Forum Moderation ApplicationFor those interested in becoming a moderator on the forum.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Looking into the metadata issue now.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Will pass this along to the team now.
  13. We’re very excited to announce that today we launched NEW services under Industrial & Product Design category (former “3D Models & Product Design”) 🚀 We made big changes and restructure the whole category while migrating over ~10K gigs to the new redesign. With these new Industrial Design services, using advanced technologies like 3D Printing, 3D modeling, and rendering, sellers can now cover all phases of the product design process, from initial concept to complete design and manufacturing! Check out our 5 new services: Concept Development2D Drawing3D Modeling & RenderingPrototyping & 3D PrintingProduct Manufacturing Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 8.49.05 AM1968×590 55.5 KBIf your Gig is in one of these categories, no action is needed. They have all been updated automagically.
  14. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses, agencies and brands around the world to adjust and adapt, including us here at Fiverr. Thankfully, we operate a platform that provides the opportunity for brands and businesses alike to tap into creativity, digitally, on-demand. That’s exactly what we did for the production of this ad spot. We worked with dozens of talented sellers on the Fiverr platform to put together a collaborative and global spot. It’s our story, and we know it’s the same story that we share with many businesses around the world right now. #stayhome Thank you to all the sellers who participated in this video! Illustration - @Daria_solak @Dorothy_siemens @Mildeo @Miragrande @Nahuelbardi @Nymths @Olgasemko @Lamonastudio Animation/Illustration - @Trippiesteff 3D Animation - @KasraDesign Animated GIF - @JuanBilly 2D Animator - @Motiongrapherr 2D Animation GIF - @Sadbonnie Arch Collage - @Marykaczorowska Pixel Art - @siddharth18889 AR Filter - @Anitalian4gig Poster - @Ellenasm Stop Motion - @Leeoz1 Logo Design - @Doronmalki @Ross7194 @Dianeth Voice Over - @warmvoice @jimkeeley @provoiceactress @eric19604545
  15. It means the work is REALLY serious.
  16. Fiverr will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. We are working to minimize the downtime and even to eliminate potential impact on the buying, selling, or delivery experience during this time. The maintenance will be going on during the following times: GMT - Sunday morning 5:30am - 6:30amEDT - Sunday morning 1:30am - 2:30amPDT - Saturday night 10:30p - 11:30pWe expect the maintenance to last no longer than 60 min. In preparation for if the site is unavailable, if you have Gigs that need to be delivered during this maintenance window, please either deliver them before (surprise and delight your buyers) or contact support and they can work with you on the delivery time. Thank you in advance for your patience while we tune-up!
  17. Today, we are rolling out our a few new localized non-english language sites - French & Spanish! These two releases join our previous German localized site. Check out the full press release here: https://www.fiverr.com/news/france-and-spain-launch fr.fiverr.com es.fiverr.com de.fiverr.com
  18. Hi everyone. Just merged all discussions of this topic into one. We are currently experiencing a problem preventing you from seeing your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views. But not to worry, your Gigs are active and we’re working to fix the problem asap.
  19. 19 posts were merged into an existing topic: Number of impressions - going Up Up Up and then back to 0
  20. A post was merged into an existing topic: Number of impressions - going Up Up Up and then back to 0
  21. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on timing for resolve the issue. If you need your funds ASAP, using a different service may be the best option. Will update here once we have more information about the PayPal withdrawal issue.
  22. Hi everyone. We discovered some issues with PayPal withdrawal and we have since closed the withdrawal process while we investigating with PayPal to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.
  23. Thank you everyone. We are back up and running. If you had a delivery or issue during the downtime, please contact support.
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