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  1. Yes, there will be a lot of “bugs” and nuances that we’ll all have to be open about. If something’s broken, not working we’ll fix it.

    We can only test so much in sandbox mode before it’s live.

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  2. Sure, it’s #FO5189B3709C7

    But I found a workaround: I submitted only text in the 1st milestone delivery (without any files) and it went well. And files I send in messages on Fiverr to my customer.

    In second milestone I even was able to submit 1 file (after many attempt) and others files I send in messages on Fiverr to my customer again.

    To tell truth guys, milestone functionality is not ready for production yet. I saw many other bugs there as well. So I will be keeping using simple delivery in one piece instead of milestones in the future.



    Thank you for sharing. If there are more bugs, please let us know here. We want your help to make this experience the best for everyone.

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  3. Is the bug fixed for you? I have similar problem: after clicking “delivery” button for 1st milestones it’s start spinning forever and nothing happens. Tried different browsers and nothing helps 😦

    Can you share your order ID? We can look into it.

  4. 111 responses so far! This is amazing. Keep them coming!

    Thank you everyone who has participated. Some great feedback already.

    You’ll be happy to know that some of the things asked for are already in the works. 🙂

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  5. We’ve got great news for our VID family. If you’ve ever loved working with a seller, you’re going to love our new Subscriptions feature.With Subscriptions, you can subscribe to your favorite seller on an ongoing basis – so you get the high-quality services you can count on, over and over again. Save yourself time and trouble by sticking with a seller who knows your brand and can commit to handling your work hassle-free, each and every time. Use Subscriptions to get:

    • The quality you expect - Skip starting from scratch each time. Work with sellers who understand your brand and consistently deliver
    • The loyalty you value - Secure the sellers you trust and create long-lasting relationships
    • The growth you aspire towards - Achieve ongoing success with long-term goals set from the start

    Ready to subscribe to even more success?

    favicon-32x32.png.fe9ce0ec0a14dbbb85cee3a0662ba215.png Fiverr.com

    Fiverr Subscriptions: Your favorite Gig on repeat.

    Set success on repeat by subscribing to your favorite sellers. The high-quality service you expect, hassle-free, each and every time.


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  6. Great news! Subscriptions just expanded to more categories. If you are an eligible seller, you can now offer subscriptions in the following categories:

    • Architecture & Interior Design
    • Mixing & Mastering
    • SEO
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Video Editing
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Voice Over
    • Astrology & Psychics
    • Content Marketing
    • Data Entry
    • E-Commerce Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Financial Consulting
    • Lead Generation
    • Legal Consulting
    • Local SEO
    • Online Coding Lessons
    • Online Tutoring
    • Public Relations
    • SEM
    • Business Consulting
    • HR Consulting
    • Online Music Lessons

    In total, there are now 24 categories eligible for Subscriptions, which means having customers order your Gigs on repeat has never been easier.

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  7. Winners announced Monday March 22nd! For details please see this topic:

    I’m excited to announce the winners of the first music & audio forum contest! Watch here:
    1st Place: @loftprod Loftprod Fiverr 2nd Place: @officialdjsid Officialdjsid Fiverr 3rd Place: @remonbeeftink1 Remonbeeftink Fiverr Huge round of applause to all those that submitted something for this contest! It was a challenge, and every one of you made something incredibly unique. Due to all the awesome submissions, we decided to h…
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  8. If you’re asking about giving your SSN to fiverr, that’s pretty standard and nothing to worry about since they need to give you tax documents every year.

    Never give your SSN to a buyer. There’s never a reason they will need it on fiverr. If a buyer is asking you for your SSN, it’s a scam.

    We’re a business and when we do business with clients outside of fiverr, we never need to give them our EIN or SSN. So even outside of fiverr, giving someone your personal info like that is not necessary and probably dangerous.

    @dnj_media is correct: Please do not ever give your SSN to anyone on Fiverr. We will never ask for your SSN via message.

    If you are defined as a “US Person” you will be required to submit information for W-9 verification. More on that in this thread:

    Hi Everyone, In the next few day, some of you will see that we (Fiverr) will be asking sellers who are defined as a US Person* to complete a W-9 form regarding their activity on Fiverr. You will receive a notification on the Fiverr website and an email message asking you to check your status within 30 days, in a form of a short questionnaire. If in fact you are classified as a US Person*, you will undergo a short process in which you will fill in Form W-9 that contains standard business infor…
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