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  1. @drasnia
    Showing off warnings for your violations of the rules, then posting those sentiments again publicly seems like an odd way to go about it. I have NOW hidden your reply. If you would like to discuss this offline, I'm happy to.

    As mentioned in both your warnings, if this behavior continues, you will be removed from the forum.

    Please be inclusive, positive and encouraging. I've seen some of your past posts and I know you have the ability to be so. 

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  2. 22 hours ago, drasnia said:

    It was my original post that triggered this whole thread about hate speech...

    Sorry to take the crown from your head, but it was not.

    22 hours ago, drasnia said:

    He has now taken it upon himself to delete all posts that he does not like or call out his behaviour its a complete joke of a forum in all honesty

    Speaking of honesty, I also have not deleted any of your posts. Would you like to edit your post to be more accurate ?

    If you feel like the forum is a "joke," I'd love to hear some honest, productive feedback about how you use the forum and what you think would be the most beneficial to ALL members of the community as a whole. 

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  3. We're excited to announce that Fiverr has acquired CreativeLive.



    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is changing how the world works together, today announced its acquisition of Seattle-based online learning company CreativeLive, a renowned creative and entrepreneurial education platform where people can learn about design, business, photography, video, marketing and more. Instructors include a diverse group of Pulitzer-, Grammy-, and Oscar-winners, New York Times best-selling authors, thought leaders and legendary entrepreneurs.

    “The future favors people and companies that can create, innovate and adapt to a rapidly-changing world”

    “Fiverr is more than just a work platform - we fundamentally believe in supporting the entire freelance lifestyle, and that includes professional education and training. The ability to acquire new skills in a rapidly changing work environment and then be able to monetize them is part of Fiverr’s role in leading transformation for buyers and sellers on our platform,” said Micha Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Fiverr. “The acquisition of CreativeLive is part of this broader strategy. Chase and the team’s expertise in creating compelling learning experiences across industries is a natural fit for us as we scale this part of our business. The depth and caliber of the courses that CreativeLive offers are exceptional and we look forward to offering them to our entire community.”

    Founded in 2010 by Chase Jarvis, CreativeLive sits at the intersection of the future of creativity, the future of learning, and the future of work. The platform offers 2,000+ classes across a variety of creative and business categories and has helped more than 10 million learners acquire new skills for their career, their hobbies, and their life.

    “The future favors people and companies that can create, innovate and adapt to a rapidly-changing world,” said Chase Jarvis, Founder and CEO of CreativeLive. “Core to all this is people’s ability to learn new skills, to think creatively, and operate with a growth mindset. Once thought to be ‘nice to haves’, we now know these attributes are key to success in any industry. We are excited to be part of the Fiverr family, to grow our inventory of compelling courses, and increase economic opportunity for our community, the Fiverr community and today’s modern workforce.”

    CreativeLive will remain a standalone organization, retain and grow its team from its current headquarters in Seattle, WA, with Founder and CEO Chase Jarvis remaining at the helm. Fiverr’s current online learning platform, Fiverr Learn, will be folded into CreativeLive to further meet the needs of freelancers and businesses across the world.

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  4. For everyone who answered, even non-sensically, thank you.  Capybaras will be sent to each and every one of your houses with new gig rankings that help everyone earn more. 

    Yes, I'm trying out some things that would allow in-post audio to be played.  Thus, enhancing the experience for the "Music and Audio" discussions. Clearly it's not working yet. SO, back to the drawing board. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, vickiespencer said:

    @mjensen415 I really am missing the congratulations emoji, even though we only had it for a short time.


    3 hours ago, nadeemkhadim said:

    Same me (because mostly people share stories or Congratulations emoji its helpful there !) 

    OK, we can try it for a while. I brought it back.  It's just a purple trophy icon. Similar to the "thanks". If it's used a lot, I can search out a new icon for our designer to create. 

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  6. Good eye @melanielm.  Thanks for the feedback. There was never a "thumbs up" here in this forum. You're correct in that it was blue, but it's always been a heart. Same with the last forum, it was a heart.  This is a pretty standard social media reaction (see Twitter) for something that you enjoy.  

    I have added in a few others and changed the colors to better be "on brand" with Fiverr. Including the "up" if you wanted a different choice to interact with a post. 

    Just one small step in making this forum the best it can be. 

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