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  1. 4 hours ago, vickiespencer said:

    @mjensen415 I really am missing the congratulations emoji, even though we only had it for a short time.


    3 hours ago, nadeemkhadim said:

    Same me (because mostly people share stories or Congratulations emoji its helpful there !) 

    OK, we can try it for a while. I brought it back.  It's just a purple trophy icon. Similar to the "thanks". If it's used a lot, I can search out a new icon for our designer to create. 

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  2. Good eye @melanielm.  Thanks for the feedback. There was never a "thumbs up" here in this forum. You're correct in that it was blue, but it's always been a heart. Same with the last forum, it was a heart.  This is a pretty standard social media reaction (see Twitter) for something that you enjoy.  

    I have added in a few others and changed the colors to better be "on brand" with Fiverr. Including the "up" if you wanted a different choice to interact with a post. 

    Just one small step in making this forum the best it can be. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, francescaabb said:

    No, really, the state of this forum and platform is disastrous. Name doesn't matter. 

    Well, if that's the case, this is the first step in fixing the "disaster". We'd love your help. 

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  4. Just now, theratypist said:

    It has no benefit to you in any way as a seller on Fiverr.


    Correct.  Your "Rank" here in the forum is largely based on the number of topics, posts and replies you have in the forum.  It does not change anything on your sellers account.

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  5. 1 minute ago, vibronx said:

    That is simply not true. I can mention a few names, but it is not allowed to negatively call out users, so I will not do that.

    My PMs are open. Happy to discuss your perception vs the data. 

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    20 minutes ago, vickiespencer said:

    Or can we expect any changes? 

    As for changes, yes. This has been about 7-8 months of work to get to where we are today (data migration, look, platform, etc). In the coming weeks, there will 100% be some changes to the categories, permissions, and leveling systems based on feedback and the designed "purpose" of the forum. I have referred to this launch as "seeing if the boat floats".  Making sure all of the backend systems are working and the engine runs.

    Now we can turn our focus on the "how" we can find success in this shared community. 

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  7. In all seriousness. This is a great conversation about behavioral norms and preferences. There are many ways to interact with a post. An online forum should be a place that's accessible to everyone. I try to not dictate HOW someone interacts, I'm just happy they are interacting.

    It also sounds like there is an over-emphasis on "posting spam to gain a badge or rank".  I see the numbers and I can assure you this is not the case. There's no one that I can see gaming the system for a fancier badge. 

    I'll post something for the larger audience about this. But a good way to think about it is: 
    Ranking - Activity (number of posts)
    Reputation - Content (quality of posts)
    Badges - Gamification of tasks

    Full transparency: I had given myself the "grand master" badge as a test to see how the ranking system worked. I'm happy to "play fair" and take those away.

    PS, In no way was it my intention to be rude or dismiss @mariashtelle1, quite the contrary. Apologies to her if that's the way she took interpreted it. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, vibronx said:

    As far as I recall, you had a total of 2 days of read time on the old forum, which is not really a lot over the span of several years.

    Don't you worry. I see all of your posts. 😉 

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  9. 39 minutes ago, mariashtelle1 said:

    It also will be great to hear an official answer on other myths like the one mentioned above: Does it make a difference staying online on a forum? 

    No. Activity in the forum does not affect any rankings, listings, or Gigs on Fiverr.com. 

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    5 hours ago, mariashtelle1 said:

    Please stop spamming forum with “sema problem” and “yes of course messages”.

    Spamming on the forum will derank your gig. 

    I know you're being sarcastic, but sometimes it doesn't come across to everyone as amusement. Someone who comes from a different culture or where English isn't their first language could misinterpret with out knowing the context.  Personally, I try to steer clear of sarcasm in a written format, unless I can be 100% clear in my inclination or tone. 

    4 hours ago, genuineguidance said:

    So, stop spamming the forum! No more, "Thanks", "Good Tips" and other nonsense unless you want your Gig to disappear completely!

    I don't consider acknowledgement of a reply or a post to be "spam". In fact, just the opposite. I like seeing transparency in communication and recognition from those who are participating in the conversation. 

    Remember, there are ALL levels of seller here on the forum who are all looking to be a part of the community. 

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