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How to use Live Portfolio


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I got my first customer. And i want to show my first work on my portfolio after completing the job there is still nothing added on portfolio ? I have checked my gig -> dropdown menu-> live portfolio on and it’s greyed out. I can’t click on or off

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Dear Gongor:

Typically, if you have your Live Portfolio activated, the BUYER has the opportunity to add an image to the Live Portfolio.

This is entirely at their discretion:

For example, some Buyers will want to share an image that promotes their product, while other Buyers will not want to share a design that they don’t want their competitors to steal before they have an opportunity to implement it.

Some Buyers just don’t know or care about this issue.

It’s best to let it flow naturally.

Good luck,

P.S. You may need to open a ticket with Customer Support if it’s an ongoing issue for you.

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Here is what happens from the buyer’s side, after you deliver.

  • He accepts, then reviews

  • After he rates you, he has an option to leave a comment.

  • To the right of the comment section, anything you delivered (except for writing gig), is a small square. Inside that square is a picture of the item with a giant + symbol on top of it.

  • If the buyer, clicks that + sign, it turns into a - (minus) sign.

  • By default, it’s always +, but if the buyer does not wish to display the gig he purchased, he has to remember to change it to - (minus) before hitting submit button.

In your case, that is what the buyer did - therefore, it is not displayed in your profile. In the past, buyer’s had option to change reviews and therefore had to option to add or delete the delivery to your profile; now, I’m afraid, it’s a one time deal.

You have a pretty cool gig.

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Did you Deliver using the Deliver function?
Was your Delivery file visible - not inside a Zip file?

From what I can gather, these are what is needed to allow the job to show in the portfolio. I had to learn that the hard way. Oh and be sure to add that jpeg image too to control how the job presents if you are not doing visual gigs (like my mixing).

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