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How to sell my first gig on fiverr


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Hi @molisarker,

Before taking any actions and approaching the buyers, I would really put hard work into Optimizing your Gig! When you look at your gig and also look at top gig in your niche, you should clearly say that there aren’t any differences in the look of the gig except you are not going to have the feedback and portfolio yet.

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One thing that has worked well for me is recommendations from other fiverr sellers. My main business is SEO and if for example someone is looking for SEO I also tell them they can get their website redesigned (and recommend a seller) and also people that go to other sellers for websites then get recommended to me for SEO.

This can work with anything. For example, someone looking for logo might need seo, someone looking for seo might require video promotion

If you want to help each other out feel free to contact me and see my reviews on my best selling gig


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