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My Journey with Fiverr


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It’s more then a year I’ve been working with Fiverr. I would like to share my story hoping that can inspire some like me 1 year before.

I was broke as the pay in my last company was terrible. No one could even live with that pay. As being an IT Engineer with stunning skills in Front End development / Web Designing with work appreciations in office and even from End clients i couldn’t earn enough. TBH it was $100 per month(not even reasonable right!).

After knowing and researching more about Freelancing i started working on Fiverr. I didn’t have any hope to go big or no motivation but i got 1 order after waiting for about half a month. Exhausted from job i started working on that order of Web Design and client was very satisfied with the work i did. Not only he left good review but also handsome tip. Well that was enough of motivation. One by one i started getting orders and proposals from buyers, not only money was good but also appreciation from clients inspired me the most to leave my penny paying job and move to full time freelancing with Fiverr.

The road to level 2 seller isn’t easy but if you’re doing best what you love and you’ve been trained to do nothing is tough enough to stop you. I was leaning and earning more and more. One skill to another and more then after. It started coming of very well, my efforts were appreciated in terms of pay and ratings. I love it when client feels my efforts. Even with getting many requests from buyers i kept the gig cost same and cheap with the best qualities. I make sure that my client gets out with one 100% Satisfaction and it pays off very well. It had bad turns too, as some of clients aren’t responsive or order anything before reading or demand something which isn’t technically possible but that’s fine as long as i give them my valuable and experience feedback and guidance for free. That’s a one great value i respect and developed from Fiverr.

Speaking of present i’m very much settled with Fiverr and completing orders with the same quality and satisfaction. I feel very happy when i see 95% positive ratings and enough money in my wallet. I’ve been praised and motivated which helps me to move faster on Fiverr. I’m working to go in top rated sellers now, which is really fun to work for when you’re in good hands.

I would just like to say thank you to Fiverr services which has not only helped me but show me a brighter future ahead.

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Congrats pal. I notice you’ve been around for quite a while but don’t have as many reviews. Did you also, had buyers who skipped giving reviews? Wishing you better businesses ahead.

Thanks! 🙂

Yes i had almost 40% buyers who didn’t care to review my services because they got what they wanted. I don’t know if i can complain or not!!

Thanks again and good luck to you too…

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