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I want to upload a vid but keep my photo as my main gig image


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Hello there! I am new to Fiverr and keen (as is everyone) to increase my sales.

I did have a video on my gig but I noticed it was the first thing that was showing up when viewing my gig page. Is there any way of changing this? I would like to have the video as a demonstration of what I am offering, however I would prefer my primary image to be the first thing people see.

Any help appreciated.

OH, and of course, please check out my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b7444d23d6
Potentially a great digital stocking filler for someone you know!

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Hi there.
Just add the pic you´d want to show to the end of your video, I took my video off again, but I had one up briefly and that worked for me.
And don´t make your video too long, or it won´t get approved - I had that the first time I submitted it for upload, and I got a mail that told me you have only 3 tries I think. 2nd time I made it a bit shorter than 1 minute, and that time it got approved fast.

Here´s some info, if you didn´t stumble over it already:

whispers oh and I think you´re in the wrong forum section 😉 for next time, maybe try conversations, you´ll probably get replies faster there too 🙂

Also, welcome, much fun, luck and success.

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