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Quick question to Virtual Assistants regarding time tracking


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Hi everyone,
My name’s Anna and I am a Virtual assistant/EFL teacher. I have been working as a freelancer for almost seven years (idk if I am allowed to mention the platforms,anyway) and have recently decided to test the waters on Fiverr. Before I jump in and release my first gig I have an inquiry, so please, everyone who feels they can help, advice.
I plan to offer Virtual Assistant and Administrative support gigs in one-time projects (simple gigs with extras available) and also retainer packages (monthly packages for 10/20/30 hours per month). The platforms I am currently offering my services through, give me the ability to track the time I work, so that the client knows how much time I have actually worked (keystrokes, screenshots etc), how much
they have been charged so far and what is the remainder amount of time (if they have opted for a package). So my question is: what do the VA’s on fiverr do in regards to time tracking and proving to the client they have worked for the exact amount of time the client has paid for? Do you face issues with customers questioning the time you have spent on their project? I am a little concerned.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Anna,
As you may know there isn’t a time tracking solution available on Fiverr.

VA is not my field, but nonetheless, since the time tracking solution isn’t available I can probably shed some light on what others do for hourly services.

Firstly, although hourly services maybe provided, it is a grey area for those providing it. The best solution would be to present options in terms of service being provided, by itemizing how many can be done in an hour. Since you have been doing this for a long time, I am sure you have some idea how many items you can perform in an hour.

I utilize a self tracking tool, that now gave me metrics of how much time it takes me to do certain tasks, for e.g a simple image modification might take 15 mins to modification of 20 images taking 2 hours.

So you can use that on your gig package offerings as you will do:
“X” amount of work/hr and this gig is $5 and
"X+20" amount of work/hr and this gig is $10.

Some clients might ask you that he wants you to do X+30 an hour for $5. That is where you want to negotiate your terms with him.

So in all I hope I was able to give you some outlook on your service offering possibilities.

Cheers! 🙂

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Thanks DJ,
Yes I am aware that Fiverr doesn’t support a time log system for the client to follow and approve. It would be lovely if it did, though! A couple of hours after I released my gig I got four orders. yeah… so, after panicking at first, I contacted the clients to book a consultation, short of a VA Intake Form, to let them know of the approximate time their tasks will take. More or less, something around the motif you suggested above. I also added a related FAQ in the gig, so fingers crossed I am covered. Thank you for your time

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